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#PORTRAITS 2 | #MakeBigMoves with UNIQUE

Indie band IV of Spades, known for their eclectic 70s-inspired music and outfits, carved their niche in the local music scene through their hit songs Ilaw sa Daan, Where Have You Been My Disco?, and Hey Barbara. And with the release of their fourth single, Mundo, their fame and success soared to new heights. So, many fans were caught by surprise when lead vocalist and guitarist Unique Salonga announced that he was leaving the band to pursue personal endeavors. “Kaya ko naman mag-stay pero dahil hindi ako kunteno nag-decide akong kumalas," he said. "Mas ginusto ko kasing mag-focus sa sarili kong artistry.” 

Admittedly, Unique was unsure of what the outcome of his decision would be. “Gusto ko kasing patunayan sa sarili ko na kaya ko. At ‘yun, nagawa ko naman. Big move siya para sa akin.” In July 2018, he released his first single as a solo artist, Midnight Sky, followed by a 12-track album Grandma later that year.

Unique’s immense talent has earned him a spot in the hottest OPM acts of 2018. To him, this is only the beginning, "Bukas ako sa mga pwede pang mangyari sa mga gawa ko. Nagsisimula pa lang naman ako, eh."

His advice for aspiring artists? “Basta gawin mo lang ‘yung gusto mong gawin, hanggang sa magustuhan na rin ng iba." 

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