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#PORTRAITS 2 | #MakeBigMoves with Whammy Alcazaren

“You can’t be afraid,” says the award-winning director, writer, and producer Whammy Alcazaren. “But for a long time, I was.” Back when he was in film school, Whammy was pretty confident about his work. But when his film Islands disappointed, he decided to take a break from directing.

While he was on hiatus, Whammy kept busy as a production designer, helping out other films or working on advertising projects. Until one day, someone brought up Islands and he broke down. “Maybe try again and do better this time,” he recalls his friend saying. That’s what inspired him to do Never Tear Us Apart.

The film, which was shot on an iPhone X, tells the story of an aging spy and his family as they confront the horrors brought upon by a monster known as The Shadow. “I wanted the language to be current. That’s why I shot it vertical and without lenses,” he said. “That’s how the film could be its most honest self.”

Never Tear Us Apart bagged the most number of awards at the 2018 Cinema One Originals Festival including Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Jury Prize among others.

Looking back, Whammy’s only regret was that he waited so long.  “I seemed unsure of myself before, but this big move made me realize how much I love filmmaking.

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