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Join the Movement

Calling all changemakers, tastemakers, and wanderers. Let's redefine the world, our culture and live without boundaries. It's now time to be champions of passion, of change, and of invention.

Capture Your Passion

Spread the movement, inspire others, and communicate the message of empowerment, collaboration, and community.

Music with a Purpose

Discover local talents. Support and empower the next big music artists from Wanderland and Wanderbattle.

Art You Donate and Create

Donate recyclable materials at the Wanderland Pre-Game events to help create an art installation to be showcased during Wanderland 2020.

Fashion Repurposed

Contribute by donating your old clothes at the Wanderland Pre-Game to repurpose and personalize them into reusable bags at Wanderland 2020.

Unleash the Creator in YOU

Be part of the movement that believes in the power of music, arts, and fashion in changing the world.

Wanderland Pre-Game Campus Tour

Experience music, fashion, arts, and advocacy as we bring the Wanderland Pre-Game to UP Fair on February 14, 2020  and De La Salle University on February 20, 2020.

Wander Giveaways

Celebrate all things you #CreateWithLove at the Filinvest City Events Grounds
on March 7-8, 2020 with promos and more!

0917 x #GlobeWanderland

Watch the video for a sneak peek of the collection, which will be available at Wanderland 2020!


Here’s a sneak peek of the sound you’ll hear, LIVE at Wanderland Music and Arts Festival.