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Explore the Metaverse with Globe 5G


The metaverse is an integrated digital platform using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) which allows people to have real-time experiences across distances. VR and AR are use cases that require fast speeds and low-latency connections in order to function properly. Metaverses will work on 4G but the experience will be even faster and smoother with a 5G connection.

Low Latency

Create your avatar and interact seamlessly with your friends in the metaverse.


HD Quality

Explore Metaverse and immerse in HD detail and quality.

Immerse In Bud’s Metaverse With Globe 5G

Globe is the first brand in the Philippines to partner with BUD, the largest open metaverse platform to create 3D interactive content for G Music Fest. BUD Virtual World allows users to visit the G Music Fest grounds’ virtually, interact, and even participate in photo challenges within the platform.

Enter The Virtual Hangouts Metaverse With Globe 5G

Being at the forefront of innovations, Globe brings you the Philippines' first metaverse platform with phygital experiences: Virtual Hangouts (VH). Witness today how Globe 5G's ultrafast speeds and low latency deliver a metaverse experience unlike any other.


Globe Virtual Hangouts uses the latest technology to bridge the physical and digital worlds by providing unique interactive experiences that you can explore. Own the future and discover turning those passions into professions. Where fun meets functionality and play meets productivity.
With a 5G connection, you can seamlessly do these activities without any lags!

Your Avatar

Express yourself and create personalized avatars that will make your VH experience more engaging and fun. Use this while you chat and do video calls with your fellow Gen Zs within the VH portal.

Meta Campus

Experience the connecting space of Gen Z and University Students. The campus will house five buildings highlighting each of the passion pillars. At the same time, these buildings will provide a leveled up Metaverse experience.


Enjoy the in-portal video booth that can edit transitions like TikTok and IG Reels. An experience for Gen Z creators to freely express their creativity.

360 Gallery

A new space that features original artwork pieces from the VH Community of artists. VH users may also donate to support these up and coming artists to continue their passion and other featured causes.

Globe 5G & Content Add-Ons

Globe 5G will supercharge your favorite apps, so that you can see, hear, and feel every detail uninterruptedly. Subscribe to these offers today via the GlobeOne app.


What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the physical world that is made possible with the use of digital visuals and sound delivered via technology.   

AR provides various sensory elements to the user through a device like a smartphone or glasses.  These elements are overlaid onto the device to create an immersive experience where digital information alters the perception of the real world.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) allows a user to conduct movement in a virtual world, but at the same time give the impression that they are in a physical environment. VR allows a person to experience and control an environment as if it were real.

How does 5G improve the metaverse experience?

Using a 5G connection when exploring metaverse apps allows you to have a more seamless and lag-free experience. Since 5G comes with lower latency, you'll be able to control your avatar faster so you can interact better with other users on the metaverse. Compared to 4G, 5G will give you crisper graphics and faster loading times, enabling you to deep dive into these vast metaverse environments.