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Get Freebies and Cashbacks for Your Business With Globe Business Digital Store Offers

Over a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic re-established the local business landscape for SMEs. Buyers and sellers alike were forced to adapt to the new environment as physical stores closed or downsized;  malls were frequented much less, and operations halted for some industries.

Today, over 74% of Filipino shoppers have become digital consumers. This means that if businesses want to meet their customers where they are, digitalization is the way to go. But not everyone is well-versed or technologically savvy enough to shift or start their business online. 

Fortunately, help is never in short supply. Through Globe Business' exclusive offers, SMEs all over the country have been able to not just survive, but thrive. SMEs can further build their business success with best-value deals running from February 22 to March 19.  Business owners can enjoy gadget freebies or up to P3,500 GCash cashback for new applications, giving them more than just unlimited data, calls, and texts.

Entrepreneurs can also find the right products and solutions that will match their business needs, such as unlimited internet, calls, and texts bundled with high data plans, and solutions like M360 for marketing and KonsultaMD for employee healthcare. These tried-and-tested and custom-made solutions have worked for entrepreneurs all over the world by expanding their reach, keeping them secure, allowing them to collaborate remotely.

“Many are now embarking on their business journeys - may it be new or renewed. Our MSMEs will be needing the right digital tools to get an edge over their competition, especially now in these challenging economic times. Globe Business can provide all the right business essentials to kick start every person’s SME business dreams by helping them in their journey through digitalization” shared Markee Dela Cruz, Globe Business Digital Marketing Manager.

Globe Business' mission is to guide local businesses through the path to success. They do this by supplying top-of-the-line digital solutions, hosting events that allow SMEs to network and compare notes, and providing information that is crucial to business success.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Globe Business today.   

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