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Globe Business Equips Enterprises with Innovation to Shape Future - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business Equips Enterprises with Innovation to Shape Future

Recognizing that the business landscape is in a constant state of flux, Globe Business invites enterprise leaders to navigate the technological challenges that come with it and map out its future, not only for their companies but for the good of the community. The theme for 2022’s Enterprise Innovation Forum (EIF), a Globe Business flagship event, was “Techography: Charting Our Greater Shared Future,” which aims to push business leaders to navigate changing times with digital innovations; recognize the value of building back better, together; and embrace ecosystem synergies in ways that have a positive impact on workplaces, communities, and the nation.

In her opening remarks, Globe Telecom Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira noted how the pandemic has tremendously shaped the manner by which enterprises conduct businesses. The shift to remote work has forced both businesses and consumers to adapt to a digital economy that sees no bounds in changing and accelerating. This is where Globe Business comes in, whose goal is to equip  companies with innovative tools that give them access to an ecosystem of partnerships that help gear them and their communities for an ever-changing digital economy.

“The name and mission of Techography are exactly what the world needs right now, which is to help businesses navigate technology on a global scale. Because no matter what industry we’re in, we all say the same things; Technological evolutions and revolutions remain to be universal human truths,” said Swan Sit—an international marketing maven, investor, speaker and advisor, who also served as keynote guest for EIF 2022.

Swit proceeded to state that “If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need collaboration to make it together. A supply chain is a chain for a reason. It cannot be just one company doing the heavy lifting. Businesses can’t survive in this new world without collaboration. As we look into new technology solutions, we need to talk about data centers, privacy, and security. A blockchain—the shared ownership of data between businesses and consumers—is going to change everything. And businesses should be able to anticipate those changes in the landscape or where technology is going to be more primed to come up with solutions.”

Understanding the Current Tech Landscape

Like many other digital and technology experts, Sit pointed out that tech-related challenges in business cannot be addressed by mere upgrades or version 2.0s. She also encourages enterprise leaders to understand the landscape of technology in order to redefine and remodify their companies as they map out the future. But what exactly is the current landscape of tech?

“There’s the charge of youth, both in the labor supply and the consumer side. The younger generation has a very different attitude towards work, towards buying things, and even towards environmental awareness. They are much more principled in some ways. And to best navigate the landscape of technology, all businesses must think about the younger generation and be ready for that change since it is inevitable,” shared Don Rae, Senior Advisor for Globe Business, Enterprise Group.

“Enterprise leaders must ensure no one is left behind. It might be scary to go forward, but it’s scarier to get left behind. And if businesses don’t move, if they go back to the pre-pandemic phase, then there won’t be growth for either their business or their consumers,” Rae continues.

Knowing full well where a business is situated in the current landscape helps enterprise leaders move forward with technological innovations. There are solutions out there that help facilitate their workforce transition not just from the confines of physical offices to the work-from-home setup, but also pave the way for flexibility and adaptability in responding to pandemic-related problems with meaning and purpose.

Innovative Solutions to Shape Tech’s Future

In this regard, Globe Business shared a top view of some innovative solutions it has developed both internally and with the help of renowned tech partners. Rae further discussed that “The Globe Group has quietly put together highly advanced technical capabilities within the network, and at the center of all these developments are its partner businesses and its customers. We looked into what they needed and built solutions from there.”

Some of these tech solutions include:

  • Network-Based and Software-Defined Networks. At the moment, there is equipment on both Globe and clients’ ends, with fiber in between. But now, Globe is adding a layer of software that can be controlled and managed by clients. While, currently, they can’t view the internal parts of the network, in the future they will be able to see parts of the network that are relevant to their businesses.
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Products Expansion and Improvement. Globe Business has three ICT companies growing at an escalated rate due to high demand. First is Cascadeo, a world-class managed cloud services company. Second is Third Pillar, a systems and business integration company. Last but not least is Yondu, which is designed for software and app development. All these companies are poised to deliver software-based business solutions that enable businesses to embrace tech ecosystems.
  • Building expansive cybersecurity facilities. Now more than ever, businesses and customers are more conscious about protection, so Globe has been investing in partnerships with major vendors to bring vastly improved cybersecurity to its clients, especially with the rise of hybrid work arrangements.
  • Better services through wider bandwidth availability. In a bid to make internet connectivity available across the Philippines, Globe continues to roll out its 5G network, closing the first quarter of 2022 with 380 new builds.

EIF, which was attended by more than 400 guests, proves to be one of Globe Business’ grand affairs—a platform for the brand’s partners to collectively discuss trends and thought-provoking movements in the field of technology. Together with other global industry experts, Globe Business curates solutions that foster a broader technology ecosystem to help enterprises in whatever stage they’re in, in their digital transformation.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

The Enterprise Innovation Forum 2022 was made possible with the support of our Gold Sponsors, Aruba, Amazon Web Services, Google, Genesys, Samsung; and Silver Sponsors, Akamai, Check Point, Globe Labs, Zoom, and Third Pillar for Salesforce and Docusign.

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