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Globe Business Fortifies SD-WAN Services with Aruba EdgeConnect

As more businesses embrace cloud migration to achieve growth and resilience, enhancing their connectivity in multiple locations to run cloud-based applications seamlessly has been the standard for a successful enterprise. 

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) allows companies to easily deploy connectivity to multiple office sites and branches, making it faster for them to expand their operations. SD-WAN also simplifies and improves the control and management of IT infrastructure by upgrading legacy networks to a more advanced architecture, allowing the network to understand and prioritize bandwidth for optimal traffic delivery.

But for cloud-first enterprises looking to accelerate their multi-branch connectivity with a comprehensive Wide Area Network (WAN) edge-to-cloud networking solution, they can benefit the most from Globe’s Enhanced Managed SD-WAN powered by Aruba EdgeConnect

“As the country’s leading digital solutions provider, we ensure that we’re always a step ahead by developing innovative solutions that help enterprises scale their businesses,” said Chris Cheng, Vice President for Connectivity and Digital Products, Globe Business, Enterprise Group. “With our partnership with HPE Aruba Networking, we can deliver an enhanced SD-WAN experience tailored to manage distributed and more complex branch networks for our enterprise clients.”

Enhanced Managed SD-WAN optimizes your network, boosting the performance of latency-sensitive applications, such as cloud-based applications with video streaming features, and mobile apps with peak usage that multiple employees use simultaneously. It maximizes the available bandwidth for enterprises to improve their connectivity, by upgrading the transmission of repetitive data across the WAN in a single, unified SD-WAN edge platform.

This solution also upgrades network architecture from a typical hub-and-spoke setup, where a hub serves as the central point of connectivity, to a more resilient and flexible mesh network architecture that has the ability to traverse or rotate traffic within branch networks. This allows for direct communication between sites, eliminating the need for a central hub, and thus cutting inefficiencies in an enterprise network. 

It also features advanced security on top of consistent network protection, with a built-in next-generation firewall with identity-based access control capabilities. Its cloud security automated orchestration allows businesses to automate and accelerate the integration of security partners’ advanced services.

Globe Business Managed Services ensures the continued availability and performance of customers’ SD-WAN networks through 24/7 proactive network monitoring and expert technical support, through Globe’s award-winning Managed Services Network Operations Center (NOC) manned by Aruba-certified engineers. This allows companies to focus on their core business and elevate their enterprise by driving strategic decisions, while Globe runs the back-end, support, and maintenance 24/7.

“We are proud to partner with Globe in delivering the enhanced, highly available and secure, best-in-class managed SD-WAN service to meet the digital transformation demands of Philippine enterprises,” said Tushar Deshpande, Head of Global Service Provider APJ, HPE Aruba Networking. “Together, not only can we offer greater WAN agility and flexibility, and boost user experiences at branch offices as customers rapidly migrate applications to the cloud, our hassle-free, transport-agnostic solution simultaneously optimizes application performance, business productivity, and lower costs.” 

Aruba EdgeConnect is a leading SD-WAN platform that brings a new range of features and power to Globe Business SD-WAN Solutions. HPE Aruba Networking is a global leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN and the first SD-WAN vendor to attain ICSA Labs Secure SD-WAN certification

Always on the lookout for new technologies that help enterprises drive growth and achieve resilience, Globe Business has fostered this continuing partnership to enable companies efficiently migrate to the cloud, combining its expertise and HPE Aruba Networking’s ecosystem of certified IT-driven solutions to provide the right support for every business’ digital transformation. 

This collaboration allows enterprises to innovate their business processes, in line with Globe’s dedication to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the role of innovation as a crucial driver of economic growth and development. 

Learn more about how to expand your enterprise to its full potential with Globe Business Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions.

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