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The Importance of Connectivity to Your School’s Digital Future - Globe Newsroom

The Importance of Connectivity to Your School’s Digital Future

Find the key strategies these schools used with Globe that kept their students connected to higher learning.

The future of education continues to head towards the digital fast lane. With the pandemic's current progress, online connectivity has become essential. To help address this immediate concern, Globe presents E-Skwela online learning sessions. The webinar series presents learning technologies and tools and their integration into the school systems. It is made for administrators, key decision-makers, and faculty caught in the digital transition. Through E-Skwela, administrators can find critical ways to ensure educational continuity for years to come.


In the latest webinar on Connectivity and Learning: The Prepaid WiFi for Education and Fixed Broadband Experience, key speakers from Ateneo de Davao University and Coronado School of Quezon City talk in detail about how they coped with continuing education through the initial stages of the pandemic. They shared the strategies they used to rise above the crisis and pushed through. 

See how your school, too, can prioritize your digital shift starting with connectivity through these top school's stories and tips.

Tip #1: Gather Data, Learn New Perspectives, & Move Quickly 

Ateneo de Davao's Executive Vice President Jeremy "Bong" S. Eliab recounted their school's journey in setting up distance learning with Globe’s Home Prepaid WiFi.

At the start of lockdown implementation, Ateneo de Davao University's current President Father Joel E. Tabora SJ made the bold decision to continue operations. Through one of their unique campus traditions "Pakighinabi" and data collection, the school used information on factors, possible concerns, and solutions needed for the online shift. They gathered the opinions of students, parents, faculty, and stakeholders alike. 

"Even for us as educators, we have had to shift our paradigm from the usual traditional lecture to online interactions, and it entails a lot of paradigm shifts and turning away from old traditions," shared Mr. Eliab.

Being well informed on all these factors allowed the Ateneo to develop an action plan hand-in-hand with Globe, the local government, and even the military force to bring Home Prepaid WiFi Kits to 15,000 students and 1,500 faculty across Mindanao. 

Mr. Eliab also notes the collaboration it took within the faculty to ensure the quality of education didn't dip during the online shift. They offered digital training to all the faculty and staff along with learning through Globe.

"It's a symbiosis between the young, tech-savvy faculty and seasoned faculty to deliver classes online," Mr. Eliab said, stressing the importance of continuous learning even for educators to cope in the new normal.

Tip #2: Find The Right Partnerships & be Open to Collaborations 

Vice President of Coronado School of Quezon City, Networking Engineer, and Educational Technology Professional Noel M. Coronado shares his belief that being accountable and supportive as a community is essential to the digital transformation for education.

"We have to be there every step of the way; which is what we have also experienced with the customer service and assistance extended by Globe. In the same way, we have to be there for our teachers and reassure them. The teachers should feel confident that both the partners and the school are supporting them in teaching and delivering quality education to their students," Mr. Coronado said.

He firmly believed that after assessing the situation, and with his colleague's referral, Globe will have exactly what they needed to stabilize connection in their vicinity.

"We, the management, are responsible for the direction of the school but we would also like to ask your help in implementing it," Mr. Coronado shared, conveying that they won't be able to shift quickly if they didn't consult with industry leaders for the help they need. 

With Globe, schools can continue providing their students globally competitive education ready for the 21st century, offering topnotch connectivity, first-hand guidance, and implementation support. Globe's prepaid WiFi and fixed broadband, partnered with reliable assistance, can help your school go through the online transformation it deserves.

For more information about Globe E-Skwela online learning sessions and other activities by Globe, visit or email [email protected].

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