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PWU Adopts Advanced Digital Tech from Globe for Online Learning - Globe Newsroom

Philippine Women’s University Adopts Advanced Digital Technology from Globe for Online Learning

Classes have resumed despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather than traditional face-to-face classes, schools have implemented online classes for the health and safety of students and faculty. 

To spark students’ interest and ease teachers' transition to online classes, the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) has partnered with Globe and acquired the integrations of G Suite Enterprise for Education to take digital learning to an advanced level. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the need for digital transformation across our entire institution. While we had started a university-wide enterprise resource planning project as early as last year, as well as several attempts at a learning management system as early as four years ago, COVID-19 greatly accelerated the need to adopt digital technology, particularly in the delivery of learning,” shares Marco Alfredo M. Benitez, President of PWU.

Through the partnership, the university secured G Suite Enterprise for Education, which upgrades the digital learning environment. This integration with G Suite offers proactive and advanced security controls, as well as enhanced collaboration tools which will elevate the learning and teaching experience. G Suite Enterprise for Education features advanced video meeting capabilities, powerful search tools, unlimited originality reports, and enhanced security controls. 

“Though we’ve already been using the G Suite applications for several years now, we’ve partnered with Globe to acquire the Enterprise edition of G Suite for Education because we needed a more comprehensive and robust system to support flexible learning as well as the administrative tools and security features critical to operating in this virtual environment. We appreciate the ability to integrate Google Classroom with our Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and a host of other G Suite for Education applications,” adds Mr. Benitez.

Google Classroom comes with an unlimited originality reports feature which is a tremendous benefit for the faculty at PWU. This feature ensures the integrity and authenticity of work submitted by the learners. Despite having already adjusted to this new normal, Mr. Benitez stated that it is difficult to imagine going back to how things were pre-pandemic. 

Now in its 101st year of existence, PWU is a non-stock, non-sectarian, and not-for-profit educational institution duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. The university’s core values are fostered through a curriculum that is centered on the preservation of cultural and national heritage, ethical professionalism, family solidarity, service to the country, and holistic character formation. PWU has its main campus in Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, whereas its basic education unit, PWU-JASMS, has campuses in Manila and along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.

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By bridging teachers to information and technology that enable continuous learning, especially during times of crisis, Globe continues to prove itself an invaluable partner in promoting 21st Century Learning and in improving resilience in education.

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