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Vic Imperial Appliance Corporation Embraces Automation - Globe Newsroom

Vic Imperial Appliance Corporation Embraces Automation With the Help of Globe myBusiness

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across the globe. Institutions today, specifically supply chain companies in charge of the distribution of goods, need efficient and sustainable technology to enable business continuity.  Vic Imperial Appliance Corporation (Imperial Appliance Plaza) has partnered with Globe by acquiring Corporate Management Solutions (CMS), with the aim of transforming and automating its processes.

Through the partnership, the company secured Globe’s Clockwise CMS.  CMS is a Daily Time Record (DTR), Payroll, and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) designed to simplify and streamline conventional processes. With the CMS, processes become fast, accurate, and efficient, which, in turn, increases productivity that helps the business save time and money.

In terms of usability, the CMS is easily accessible via the mobile phone, which is vital for employees of supply chain companies like Imperial Appliance Plaza. Other employee benefits include quick distribution of salary through GCash cards which can be used on bank ATMs. Through the CMS as well, Finance teams can access information such as disbursement reports, bank transmittals, and payroll creation; while HR can access info like DTR, approved leaves, payslips, and payroll. 

“We’re embracing and changing the face of HR and Payroll in the midst of an outbreak with the help of Globe Clockwise Corporate Management Solutions,” shares the Board of Directors, Imperial Appliance Plaza.

Founded in August of 1974, Imperial Appliance Plaza is a consumer goods company based in 277 Iznart Street, Iloilo, Western Visayas. It is the country’s leading marketer and distributor of quality home appliances, office equipment, and furniture. The company continues to grow and serve the needs of its customers not only in Iloilo but across the country. 

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