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Fresh From the Oven: Auntie Anne’s Unveils New Custom Branded Loyalty App Powered by RUSH | Newsroom | Globe

Fresh From the Oven: Auntie Anne’s Unveils New Custom Branded Loyalty App Powered by RUSH

As part of their effort to expand the business and become more customer-centric in today’s digitized world, Auntie Anne’s, the maker of the world’s most loved soft pretzels, launched their new custom branded loyalty app.

By having its own digital loyalty program, Auntie Anne’s is adding a new twist to snacking by turning happy, satisfied customers into loyal advocates of their soft pretzels with a seamless, integrated, and personalized customer experience—all made possible with Globe Telecom’s RUSH’s digital solutions.

With RUSH’s backend dashboard, Auntie Anne’s has access to robust analytics that provide useful insights to understand customers better. Information like the best-selling pretzel, that also happens to be their most redeemed reward, helps Auntie Anne’s determine which products are best to feature. This also helps in identifying which rewards its loyal customers want the most and how they choose to redeem them with their points.

This knowledge becomes even more potent now that Auntie Anne’s can use data to forecast trends to help generate more sales and engage more people.

With more than 1,600 branches worldwide and over 49 branches in the Philippines, Auntie Anne’s is currently the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise. It’s their simple, high-quality ingredients and fresh-baked pretzels that set them apart from their competitors.

Boost Customer Loyalty With RUSH

RUSH, a product by Globe Digital Ventures, is a customizable digital platform that allows enterprises to easily build, track, and manage their own customer loyalty program. RUSH’s digital solutions for loyalty help businesses conveniently develop and deploy a custom-branded mobile app in as fast as 10 days.

With RUSH, companies can expect the following benefits:

  • Increase visits and spending by encouraging customers to keep coming back through milestone-based incentives.
  • Conduct promotions since companies can push new or slow-moving products and increase sales during off-peak days with the use of promotions or rewards.
  • Gain actionable insights since businesses can obtain customer data that would help them become more familiar with their loyal clients’ buying habits.

RUSH also provides in-house marketing tools for highly targeted communication with end customers via SMS, in-app notifications, and email.

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