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Globe 5G Fixed Wireless Access Strategy Connect PH Homes | Newsroom | Globe

Globe 5G Fixed Wireless Access Strategy Augments Infrastructure Limitation to Connect PH Homes

5G is one of the levers that will allow us to uplift the lives of more Filipino families and help local businesses flourish by providing life-enablement opportunities similar to those in more developed markets, according to Globe at Home Senior Vice President and Head of Broadband Business Martha Sazon at the recently concluded 5G Asia Conference at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Speaking in front of some of the region's top tech thought leaders and operators, Sazon discussed the reality of deploying commercially available 5G technology in developing countries such as the Philippines from challenges with infrastructure limitations, to opportunities of uplifting families and enterprises through rapid digitalization.

Further, she divulged on Globe's unique strategy for faster deployment of fixed wireless access (FWA) to more Filipino households amid a myriad of topographical and logistical challenges.

Martha Sazon, SVP and Head of Broadband Business at Globe discusses the company’s vision and plans for the 5G rollout in the Philippines at the 5G in Asia Conference held in Singapore

Martha Sazon, SVP and Head of Broadband Business at Globe discusses the company’s vision and plans for the 5G rollout in the Philippines at the 5G in Asia Conference held in Singapore

“Given geographical limitations and permitting issues for rolling out fiber optic cables, 5G has the promise of providing fiber-like speeds and experience, bringing such proposition to the market at a faster rate vs. Fiber as we leverage our existing wireless sites to roll out 5G,” Sazon added.

Globe launched its first commercially available 5G technology for home internet called Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G last quarter, cementing the Philippines' place as the first country to experience commercial fixed wireless connectivity in Southeast Asia and second in the entire continent after South Korea. Air Fiber 5G comes with fiber-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps and generous data allocations of up to 2 terabytes (TB) starting at around P1,899 (USD 36) a month.

The technology promises to transform more Filipino homes into digitally empowered households, specifically among starting families and growing middle-class families who deem Internet connectivity as a necessity for growth and learning. Air Fiber 5G currently covers communities with 120-250 homes in selected areas in Metropolitan and Greater Manila with plans of rolling out in more areas soon.

"We are carefully but progressively rolling out 5G as we try to learn more about the technology and ensure its stability to ensure quality customer experience,” Sazon shared.

Reiterating the vision of Globe At Home providing two million homes with internet access by 2020, she stressed the need for more efficient deployment of fixed wireless technologies. “We continue to voice our cause of providing 1st world Internet technologies to all our stakeholders—customers, the government, technology partners, vendors, and many others—to better serve Filipinos and guide them towards a digitally transformed society.”

5G technology enables the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) for today's intelligent homes. An Internet connection that is faster, more secure, and with lower latency brought by 5G significantly enhances entertainment and security systems at home, promising a digital experience that is more seamless, reliable and intuitive for the modern Filipino household. Learn more about Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G by visiting

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