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With Intensified Competition, Globe At Home Says that Operators 'Cannot Win On Speed Alone' - Globe Newsroom

With Intensified Competition, Globe At Home Says that Operators 'Cannot Win On Speed Alone'

With the heightened demand for at-home connectivity among Filipino households driven by the global health crisis, Globe At Home acknowledges that competition is “hyper-competitive” given that “everyone wants internet and everyone wants fiber.”

The lockdown abruptly changed Filipinos’ way of life which prompted them to rely heavily on the internet to adjust to the demands of working or learning from home, or address the emotional and mental languishing that they experience because of the pandemic.

However, Globe Vice President and Head of Broadband Business, Darius Delgado, believes that customers deserve more than just good and stable connectivity, which is a basic service expected from broadband operators. 

“We know that an operator cannot win on speed alone, or on having fiber alone.  At Globe, we positioned ourselves as a brand that genuinely cares for customers, providing other services that complement one's connectivity and proactive in the way we serve our customers. It’s a total proposition that goes beyond speed and connectivity.  This is how we choose to differentiate Globe At Home in the market,” Delgado said.

The past year, Globe At Home leveled up how they value customers by truly understanding what they need and proactively acting on it. 

One of which is by rightsizing the plans of their customers and silently increasing the speeds of their eligible customers, without any increase in what they pay for on a monthly basis. “Our existing customers are very important, so we ensure that we proactively service them--without them asking for it,” Delgado said.

They also upgraded the modems of their fixed wireless customers to improve their speeds as part of Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi’s service management priorities. “We did this so they stay longer with us and enjoy better connectivity until such time that we are able to upgrade them to wired or fiber technology,” Delgado added. 

Lastly, Globe At Home made life-enabling essentials in the new normal for Filipino families as part of their product portfolio. This includes free three-month GInsure coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue up to Php 140,500; free subscription for video and telehealth consultations via KonsultaMD; as well as entertainment bundles such as free three-month subscriptions to Viu, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO for postpaid customers, and P15 one-day validity tack-ons for Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok for prepaid customers.

“We work hard to earn the continued trust of our customers, demonstrate genuine care, and be the reliable and preferred partner of every Filipino household in the country,” Delgado said.

Globe’s actions are motivated by fulfilling 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). UN SDG No. 9, in particular, believes in the power of innovation and infrastructure to propel economic growth and development.

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