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Globe Business Empowers Business Owners in PH to Create Perfect Destinations | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Business Empowers Business Owners in PH to Create Perfect Destinations

Globe Business, the micro, small, and medium size enterprise group of Globe Telecom, is empowering local business owners engaged in food, hospitality, and related services with information, tools, and opportunities for them to create perfect destinations.

These passionate entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into their businesses, creating a niche for their customers, clients and employees alike. More than just working for profit, they work to provide jobs for others, inspire fellow Filipinos, and boost the country’s tourism industry as a whole.

“The Philippines is proud of its many tourist spots which are hailed all over the world but Globe Business wants to transform hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets in the country to be a destination of their own wherever their location may be.  We provide the connectivity that customers need to rave about the superb dish, the impeccable service, the unique souvenirs. We help and empower Filipino business owners so that they can run their business smoothly and offer the best service to their customers,” said Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe Business.

Heng added: “Globe Business’ role is to be there for entrepreneurs in every step of their business journey. Because Globe believes that the core of every business is customer satisfaction, the products we push and events we launch exist to enhance the customer experience from start to finish. This means that long before the customer even sets foot in their business establishment, they have already gotten the best digital treatment possible.”

Globe Business works to develop technologies and tools that entrepreneurs can use to ease their daily operations and reach their business goals. Working hand in hand with some of the best digital companies and forming partnerships with trusted organizations, Globe Business strives to provide the most up-to-date and relevant tools for entrepreneurs to improve every facet of their businesses.

These business solutions range from helping them reach wider audiences to keeping their customers happy through connectivity. Among them are products like the Direct Internet via Radio and Basic Managed WiFi where business owners can provide customers with one of the amenities they enjoy most:  fast, stable, and seamless Internet experience. Additional business solutions allow managers and executives to answer questions, gather feedback, book reservations, and deal with concerns immediately and effectively before, during and after a customer steps foot in their establishments.

Globe Business also keeps its clients on top by informing them of trends, providing tips, and bringing together communities through regular workshops, and seminars for business owners where the company has established itself as an expert and guide in the industry.

In addition, the Globe Business Academy sessions teach entrepreneurs how to run their businesses, target new markets, and appeal to the generation of the future.

Globe Business guides SMEs every step of the way to help them create perfect destinations and give their customers the best that technology has to offer.

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