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GMovies: Changing Film Experience through Data and Convenience | Newsroom | Globe

GMovies: Changing Film Experience through Data and Convenience

GMovies, a product developed and enabled by Globe Telecom, is changing the very nature of the film going experience. By providing movie buffs a chance to purchase tickets even before the premiere date, GMovies is bringing convenience, embodying their tagline for customers to “Get Inside, Not in Line.”

GMovies is the only movie ticketing platform in the Philippines that aggregates more than 100 cinemas nationwide while including capabilities that elevate the ticket purchasing experience—from advanced booking and automated movie alerts about showing schedules, to seat reservation, preferred cinema selection, and multiple payment options.

It has forged strong partnerships with some of the mall chains in the country, such as Ayala Malls Cinemas, SM Cinemas, and Robinsons Movieworld, to provide another avenue for their consumers. 

“GMovies was designed to address the pain points of the Filipino moviegoers,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer. “We love going to the movies and it has become part of our culture to visit the cinema several times during the month. Our goal was always to make it easier for them, to elevate the experience, to allow them to focus on what matters: the movie and their enjoyment.”

However, having the best platform is only one part of the equation. It is important to reach the audience in the most efficient way possible. This is where data and an effective digital strategy comes in.

“The movie-watching habits of Filipinos vary,” said Glenn Estrella, Senior Vice President of Globe Digital Ventures, the business unit that manages the platform. “Some base their selections on the genre, some on the influence of their friends, and some on when it’s convenient. There’s even a growing population that just wants to be the first to watch for fear of spoilers. You can’t just create blanket ads and hope that it reaches the right people. You have to be smart. You have to be precise. You have to make each impression count.”

This is where the power of data insights and smart social media targeting comes in. Utilizing transaction history, social media behavior, and Facebook’s powerful ads manager, GMovies has been constantly reaching its desired audience: genre-based, mobile agile consumers who value convenience and efficiency brought on about digital transformation.

The results from these Facebook ads have been nothing short of impressive as GMovies saw an increase in reach and engagement and a reduction in marketing spend. The impact on sales is also undeniable as advance booking numbers grew more than 59 times than what it was in previous years.

“The Philippine consumer landscape is complex, and competition is tough,” says John Rubio, Country Director for Facebook Philippines. “But with Facebook for Business, we help companies spend their marketing dollars more efficiently by reaching the right customers at the right time and place. We’re happy that GMovies can deploy a more sophisticated strategy using our platform, and we’re even happier that they are changing the movie-watching habits of the Filipino.”

With its suite of features and its solid strategy, it looks like the long lines at the cinema will be a thing of the past.

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