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6 Tips to Make the Best of Your Mobile Data

Globe Shares 6 Tips to Make the Best of Your Mobile Data

Alagang Globe Reminders to Manage Data

Over the years, mobile data has truly become essential in the daily life of Filipinos. Many rely on their phone’s mobile data connection for work, education, livelihood, and entertainment. In this era of countless apps and data-heavy activities, understanding your data consumption can empower you to save and maximize your usage.

Mobile leader Globe shares tips on how you can conserve your data so you can make the most of your browsing experience!

1. Choose the Best Data Promo

Globe has the best data promos for your needs, regardless of your budget. If you are budget-conscious and want to make the best of your data for streaming, learning, earning, and other activities, try Go50 with 5 GB data for all sites and unlimited all-net texts for ₱50, valid for 3 days. If you're willing to splurge a bit more, go for Super Xclusive Go+99 with up to 10 GB for all sites, 8 GB for your choice of apps, and unlimited all-net texts for ₱99, valid for up to 8 days. Both promos are available on the GlobeOne app.

2. Check How You Use Your Mobile Data

Data usage is largely behavioral. If you are a heavy streamer, whether it be videos, music, or games, your data consumption will inevitably be higher than a recreational or casual user. Make sure you keep yourself in check when browsing.

3. Be Conscious of Usage while Video-Streaming

High-resolution videos in applications may lead to more data consumed. The higher the quality of the video, the more data it would likely require. Make sure to adjust the video quality in apps like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Tiktok, and Zoom to conserve data. To get a sulit deal for streaming sites, you can register to Go+99 with GoWATCH to get 8 GB for all sites, plus 8 GB for video apps, and unlimited all-net texts, valid for 7 days.

4. Control App Updates

Automatic app updates and other app activities may consume a significant amount of data. Turn on your phone’s Low Data Mode (Android) or Data Saver (iOS) to stop automatic app updates and other activities from using your mobile data.

5. Know Your Data Limit

Keep in mind that it's possible to exhaust all your data before the end of your promo period depending on usage. Some customers might think that their data, such as 5 GB under Go50 on GlobeOne, will last for 3 days, and are surprised when it gets fully consumed before the validity ends. You may keep track of your data usage using the GlobeOne app.

6. Know Where to Get Help

If you have concerns about data, you may access GlobeOne app and go to the Help section. GlobeOne is your digital life companion!

"Putting our customers first, we recognize the importance of every megabyte of data, and more so, the value of the money they spend on it. We believe every byte matters! Actively listening to their browsing experiences forms a vital part of our service improvement. We hope that this information serves as a valuable tool for our customers, enabling them to make the most out of their data without any worries," said Aileen Burgos, head of Customer Experience.

Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy your browsing experience with Glo​​be and TM!

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