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‘Team Tayo’: TM Launches New Anthem with SB19, The Juans

‘Team Tayo’: TM Launches New Anthem with SB19, The Juans as Brand Brings Together Mobile and Broadband to Better Serve Filipinos

Globe’s value brand, TM, has released a song that captures the Filipino team spirit, tapping the country’s P-pop kings, SB19, and rock band, The Juans, for the new Pinoy anthem.

The upbeat song, “Team Tayo,” rallies Filipinos to go for their dreams and trust that they are never alone.

The song, a follow-up collaboration for the two bands who gave Pinoy music fans “Push ang Pusuan” (2020) and “TM FunPasko” (2021), peaks in its infectious chorus that repeats “Basta’t team tayo.”

"Everyone needs a teammate on their life journey, even more so for many Filipinos for whom life can be challenging. Through this song created in collaboration with SB19 and The Juans, we hope to show every Filipino that TM is committed to be our kababayans’ teammate on both good and bad days," said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Globe’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The Juans vocalist Carl Guevarra spoke about the inspiration for the song.

“We wanted to write a song that would speak about the stories of an ordinary ‘Juan’ like us, not only to tell them that we understand them, but also to let them know that we want to be their teammates. It's a song that will speak to real stories and real situations of our listeners,” he said.

He also shared how “there’s always something special that happens” whenever the band works with SB19.

“One of our heartbeats is we both want to uplift ordinary Filipinos. It's so natural to just give back that message kasi it's not just a slogan, it's not just a statement, but it's the lifestyle that we both live,” Guevarra said.

SB19 band leader Pablo Nase said creating beautiful music through collaboration is all about working together—echoing TM’s message of teamwork.

“It’s difficult being in a group since we have different creative thoughts or creative na pinanggagalingan. But it’s about maturity. And you can create something good out of it because na-cha-challenge ‘yung thoughts niyo. Of course, you can’t assume that one member knows everything or his idea or the idea of one is ‘yun na ‘yung pinakamaganda. We would collect all the ideas together for us to come up with a great piece or craft,” he said.

“Team Tayo” marks TM’s bold leap forward as it expands its services to cover both mobile and broadband, with TMBayan Fiber WiFi. This community-centric broadband service offers fast, reliable, and affordable internet access closer to every Filipino family, making the promise of a connected future more accessible.

Beyond mobile and broadband connectivity, TM also offers more ways to support Filipinos as they seek to do more for their families. These include affordable promos for both mobile and broadband services, rewards as cash, and raket opportunities, among others.

“TM is committed to being Filipinos’ life partner, a brand that enables them to face life’s challenges with joy, while empowering them to make their dreams a reality,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“TM has always been at the forefront of providing access to Filipinos—first through calls, text and data, and, more recently, through our ground-breaking TMBayan Fiber WiFi. These, together with our suite of rewards, promos and programs, are all geared towards helping our TM subscribers feel that they are part of a team, supported through good times and bad. This is what this new anthem is about.”

TM's evolution not only redefines its offerings but underscores its commitment to be a supportive teammate to every Filipino. This transformation underscores TM’s dedication to championing the Filipino spirit—a testament to a brand that truly understands, respects, and enriches the lives of its customers. Basta sa TM, Team Tayo!

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