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Wild Rift Fans Get Better 5G Experience w/ New Globe RiotGo Perks - Globe Newsroom

Wild Rift Fans Get Elevated 5G Experience with New Globe RiotGO Promos

Gone are the days when you may get anxious for not having enough data to play Wild Rift or feel left out for lacking Blue Motes or White Cores to buy your favorite Wild Rift champions.


With new game-changing offerings from Globe and Riot Games Southeast Asia made more exciting by an elevated 5G experience, you are assured of endless hours of play plus exclusive in-game content that you can own as long as you are subscribed to the promos.

“In this day and age, we have to look forward and ensure that Filipinos are provided all the avenues to express themselves and to release the daily stresses in life. We believe that games, especially League of Legends Wild Rift, provide such an avenue, and we’re thankful to have a strategic partner in Riot Games,” said Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Lead – GET Entertained Tribe of Globe.


“Not only are we constantly discovering new and exciting ways to engage our players, but we’re always looking for like-minded brands and partners to drive our shared vision. Hence, we are thrilled to be rolling out RiotGO with Globe to fans in the Philippines,” said Justin Hulog, SEA General Manager of Riot Games Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

RiotGO80 and RiotGO+110 bring out several sweet perks such as 5GB of data to access all sites for three days plus premium features and items which would otherwise take a significant amount of time to unlock.

Have fun with 15 champions if you purchase the standard RiotGO80. You may also get all champions within the current patch if you avail of the plus version. They will stay yours as long as your plan is active. RiotGO also unlocks bonus champions so that you can go crazy sampling loads of different play styles in your games.

You will also receive Summoner Icons, which are beneficial marks of achievement or milestones within the game. To delight Filipino gamers, Riot Games made Poro ride a jeepney!

Also, express yourself in unique ways with handy emotes or communicate to your enemies during a match by passing on a branded kill bauble.

In addition, the RiotGO+ version will include a RiotGO chest, which will allow you to unlock several cosmetics to dress up your experience and make you stand out from the crowd. You will also receive a custom recall special effect that will surround your champion and let you go home in style if you need to return to base.

The highly-popular multiplayer battle arena game is best experienced using Globe’s 5G network.

“We continuously improve our 4G network, but we don't stop there.  In the spirit of elevating the gaming experience, we have built and launched 5G.  This is something that we continuously expand to ensure real-time gaming experience because who wants to get disconnected or experience a lag in the middle of a game?” said Eric Tanbauco, Head of Globe Prepaid Brand.

RiotGO is just the beginning. Globe and Riot Games Southeast Asia have much more in store for Filipino Wild Rift fans as Riot Games continues to look to integrate other content such as video, music, games, and esports for 2021 and beyond.

To avail of RiotGO80 and RiotGO+110, download the GlobeOne app, go to Offers, choose Exclusives and your desired RiotGO promo, and pay via GCash or charge to load.  Once you receive a confirmation message through SMS, follow the link indicated to activate the promo.

Globe supports and helps accelerate the local gaming and esports industry by providing fully optimized internet connectivity, world-class events, and tournaments in the Philippines.  Together with its partners, Globe brings gaming and esports into homes, mobile devices, malls, and competition venues.

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