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Blocked Spam SMS Reached an All-Time High in September – Globe Newsroom

Globe’s Blocked Scam, Spam SMS Reach All-Time High in September at 270.5 Million with Measure vs Clickable Links

Total blocked reaches 1.3 billion from January to September

Globe logged an all-time high in its monthly tally of blocked spam and scam messages in September, filtering out over 270.5 million messages after implementing its new measure against person-to-person messages with clickable links.

This figure peaked after a consistent uptrend over the last nine months, with the total reaching 1.3 billion by the end of September, exceeding last year’s full year total of 1.15 billion. The monthly total of blocked SMS has also seen a staggering 295.74% rise over 9 months, from 68.34 million in January to 270.5 million in September.

The October figure may be expected to be in the millions yet again as Globe started its new measure against spam and scam messages only in the last week of September.

Under the unprecedented new security measure, all person-to-person SMS with clickable links from all networks are blocked. Fraudsters have noticeably been crafting their spam and scam SMS in new ways in an attempt to circumvent the new measure.

“Our data shows that we have been blocking record numbers of spam and scam messages through our intensified efforts, most recently unleashing our stringent measure against SMS with clickable links,” said Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio.

“This shows our efforts have been paying off as we prepare for the full implementation of the SIM Registration Act, which was envisioned to give government and industry players a leg up in the fight against fraudsters,” he said.

The total figure from January to September also includes 49.3 million scam and spam messages related to banks and financial institutions, with which Globe has been nurturing partnerships on data sharing to intensify parallel efforts against fraud.

Globe has for years been heavily investing CAPEX and man hours in the fight against spam and scam messages. To date, it has spent $20 million or P1.1 billion to boost its capabilities in detecting and blocking scam and spam messages of international and domestic sources, including app-to-person and person-to-person SMS.

Globe also runs a 24/7 Security Operations Center manned by 100 personnel who detect and block unwanted and malicious messages.

Globe also educates customers on how to be more proactive against smishing and other forms of online fraud. Its Digital Thumbprint Program offers free e-modules on workshops where students, teachers and parents can learn how to be responsible digital citizens.

Earlier this year, Globe also encouraged customers using Android devices to install spam filters on their phones via an instructional video shared on Facebook. Globe continues to urge customers to report spam and scam messages they receive via the #StopSPAM.

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