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Globe Harnesses Technology to Boost Employee Care amid Pandemic - Globe Newsroom

Globe Harnesses Technology to Boost Employee Care amid Pandemic

True to its acclaim as the Best Workplace in Asia, Globe continues to enhance its employee care initiatives by leveraging innovative technology for more efficient program delivery as pandemic restrictions remain. 

“Especially at this time of a prolonged health crisis coupled with the recent Omicron surge, Globe has made it a point to keep listening to its employees and ensure their safety and good health through digital interventions that are easy-to-use, responsive and reliable,” said Ato Jiao, Globe Chief Human Resource Officer. 

“We know full well that our workforce’s overall well-being must be prioritized so we can continue to deliver the best service and connectivity experience to our customers,” he added.

Globe was named Best Workplace of the Year at the 2021 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES), particularly for its focus on enabling and empowering its employees.

Aside from holistic COVID-19 support packages, expanded medical coverage, post-COVID care therapy sessions, and employee engagement sessions, Globe has keyed in on innovative technologies and applications that have helped employees adjust easily to new ways of working. 

These include chatbots such as the Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies or DUDE, which serves as an official COVID-19 health monitor where employees may report symptoms and receive immediate assistance from a dedicated COVID-19 response team. 

DUDE also serves as a wellness and mental health channel, providing daily health check-ins and safety reminders. It also connects employees to Hopechat, Globe's virtual counseling service.

Yet another initiative is Wanda, a recognition chatbot that enables employees to send special e-cards to each other, a gesture that helps foster Globe’s culture of recognition even while working apart.

More recently, the company also launched the Employee Virtual Assistant or EVA, an AI-powered chatbot that is able to answer employees' HR-related questions. For more complex requests or inquiries, EVA also serves as a portal for raising tickets to the HR department. 

“With over 8,000 employees nationwide, it is vital for us to maximize on the latest technologies in order to simplify and speed up employee engagement–all while maintaining a culture of caring or malasakit within the team, and strengthening our signature Alagang Globe,” said Jiao. 

The use of chatbots and other technologies has helped boost the daily experience of employees. Herl Ramos, a User Experience Design Manager, shares: “Our chatbots have helped us employees in so many ways. With the pandemic situation, DUDE has really assured that Globe is there to take care of them in case something happens.”

Ramos adds, “Wanda made it easy and creative to recognize people we work with, and EVA made it more convenient to know about your benefits and get access to information you need. Having these bots helps make our day-to-day better in many ways. With continuous improvements, I know we can have more wonderful experiences using these bots.”

Over the past year, Globe adopted a multi-faceted approach to active employee engagement, relying on more digital tools due to limitations brought about by the new work environment. These include virtual learning and fitness sessions, talk shows, educational webinars, and podcasts. 

Through these health and wellness initiatives, Globe reinforces its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG No. 3, which aims for good health and well-being for all. The company also supports the UN Global Compact principles and contributes to 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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