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Globe, MetaverseGo push Web3 & Innovation Education in PH - Globe Newsroom

Globe and MetaverseGo Push Web3 and Innovation Education in PH

Leading digital solutions platform Globe underscored its flourishing partnership with MetaverseGo at the recent Mobile World Congress 2023. The collaboration signifies a major push in the realm of Web3 and innovation education in the country, employing robust community partnerships and innovative learning programs as key drivers of this transformative movement.

Andrew Lim, Lead for Subcultures of Innovations and Creator Culture at Globe, noted how the alliance shows the company’s commitment to transitioning from a legacy telecom brand to a key player in the burgeoning digital realm. 

Andrew Lim at MWC
PHOTO CAPTION: Andrew Lim,  Lead for Subcultures of Innovations and Creator Culture at Globe.

"While Globe is known as the most reliable network, we also want to be a reliable source of education and upskilling activities that advance knowledge about innovations in the Philippines. Web3 and Innovations might seem like a niche subculture, but our partnership with MetaverseGo and the upcoming grassroots programs aim to bring these concepts to the mainstream,” Lim said at the event, the largest and most influential gathering of the connectivity ecosystem in Asia.

In a shared sentiment, Ash Mandhyan, CEO of MetaverseGo, spoke about the mutual objective of the partnership. 

"Our joint ambition with Globe is to bridge the divide between the physical and digital world. We strive not only to increase accessibility but also to enhance the affordability of the MetaverseGo platform for our users. The fruits of this partnership are already visible, and it's incredible to see Filipinos engage with our offerings in such an enthusiastic and impactful manner,” he said.

Leveraging the existing trust and familiarity among Filipinos with its core offerings such as Rewards, datapacks and payment solutions, Globe has strategically integrated them into its partnership with MetaverseGo. This approach allows the seamless fusion of traditional telco services with innovative Web3 concepts. 

Globe users gain free access to the MetaverseGo all-in-one Web3 mobile platform via Globe datapacks, encouraging engagement with Web3 games and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Last year, Globe introduced its first NFT collection of a local telco with real-world utility. A concert ticket for a popular music festival was turned into an NFT and sold exclusively through its platform, selling out in less than 48 hours. This innovative approach marked Globe's definitive entry into the Web3 space, displaying the potential of such technology and creating excitement among consumers.

Another groundbreaking innovation is the integration of carrier billing solutions. Globe customers can now use prepaid credits to purchase subscription access to a diverse selection of Web2 and Web3 games in MetaverseGo. This integration extends to the purchase of in-app MetaverseGo currency, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

The partnership's success is already evident, and both Globe and MetaverseGo anticipate a thriving future. By focusing on tangible, real-life use cases, they hope to demystify the complexities of Web3, rendering it accessible and beneficial to all users.

In the coming months, Globe and MetaverseGo aim to extend their influence by embarking on educational grassroots programs designed to foster a greater understanding of Web3 and Innovations.

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