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Globe on track at deploying 2 million home broadband by 2020 | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Sets Out to Conquer Homes, On Track at Deploying 2M Home Broadband by 2020

Over 260,000 lines delivering 10 Mbps now available in select areas

Globe Telecom is on track to hit its target of rolling out 2 million home broadband with speed of at least 10 Mbps by 2020, in line with its commitment to improve fixed internet in the Philippines. Unlike its mobile internet rollout, the strategy of Globe for home broadband is to provide reliable and high speed fixed internet one area at a time.  The company announced that to date, over 260,000 home broadband lines have already been deployed.

Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said, “We are catching up on the deployment of infrastructure for home broadband, after focusing on mobile for many years.  Globe is accelerating home broadband deployment and plans to roll out 400,000 ultra-fast broadband lines by end of 2017. Progressive rollouts will be done within the next 3 years until 2020 to serve at least 2 million homes.”

Cu emphasized that Globe intends to redefine home broadband experience for Filipinos, making Globe the preferred brand of choice for homes just as the brand has grown to be the most pervasive for mobile. “The quality difference and improvements on fixed internet will really be felt. We will transform every home using a Globe broadband into an ultimate entertainment hub as our customers enjoy high speed connection plus an unbeatable portfolio of exclusive content,” he said.

Cu expressed his desire for the government to step in and do the necessary action to enable the telecommunications industry, saying that the company could have rolled out more lines had it not been for the permitting and right of way challenges that telcos are always facing at the local government level. “With our recent campaigns, our local government are beginning to hear us, and to some extent, some are more responsive than others. As we move forward, we have every reason to be optimistic that we can improve the quality of home broadband in as many areas as possible,” he said.  

Globe broadband lines were initially rolled out in select areas in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Binondo, Manila, and soon, in Cauayan City, Isabela, delivering three times the speed at three times the data allowance with low monthly charges. “All these were made possible by the cooperation of our partner LGUs who share our advocacy to deliver first world Internet to the Filipino family,” Cu said.

Senior Vice President for Globe Broadband Martha Sazon said that with Globe Broadband Plans 1299 and up, customers can customize their digital lifestyle depending on their interests. This can be enhanced with devices like high-definition TV sets, speakers, or a Playstation 4. To educate new customers, Globe Broadband also launched #JSYK, a series of online tutorials on how to enjoy and maximize offers, services, and capabilities - "Just So You Know".

We have gone a long way and have shifted to the digital age. "Then, we used to watch movies on an analog television, listen to music in vinyl, go outside to play with friends, and adjust our schedule to teleseryes every night,” Sazon said. "Now that the customer is more digitally attuned and in control, Globe Broadband's proposition of providing full entertainment experience at home, giving customers what they really want, when and how they want it - becomes very relevant and compelling."

To complement the digital lifestyle, Globe Broadband also has a lineup of partnerships and activities to allow its customers to enjoy their homes as an entertainment hub.

Customers who like to watch movies and TV shows can use the faster connection to enjoy content from Netflix and HOOQ. In January, Netflix will release the TV adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, while those looking for something local can watch Erik Matti’s On the Job mini-series, exclusively available on HOOQ, based on the award-winning film of the same name. Kids can join in on the fun, as Globe Broadband is also launching its partnership with YouTube Kids, a free app where kids can watch educational videos, and Disney Watch, a suite of apps where they can watch episodes of their favorite Disney Channel shows.

For an immersive experience, Globe Broadband is also offering Google Chromecast, a media streaming device that lets users “cast” their favorite shows, movies, music, and games to their TVs.

Customers who love to listen to music can play their favorite tracks on Spotify or belt them out on Sing! Karaoke by Smule, while those who like to play games can avail of Garena, Steam, PlayPark, or Gameclub.

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