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Globe’s 8,000 Workforce Benefit from Digital Learning - Globe Newsroom

Globe’s 8,000 Workforce Benefit from Digital Learning

Upgrades Newton learning platform to expand online course portfolio from 3,800 in 2020 to 8,000 eCourses in 2021

Globe has invested more than P63 million for the learning and development of its over 8,000 employees through Globe University. Of the total Learning & Development budget, the company invested approximately P8.3 million in Newton, an online learning platform that provides employees access to a wide range of eCourses which they may take at their own pace and time to support their professional development.

Newton 2.0 is available through LinkedIn Learning which includes 8,000 courses, more than doubling the previous version, which earlier offered 3,800. The newly upgraded Newton is now available to all employees starting June 2021.

Globe University, the company’s training arm, focuses on creating and providing collaborative and diverse learning experiences to enhance the capabilities of all Ka-Globe. Learning and development programs help upskill the workforce. Well-equipped and happy employees make for better customer service, aside from boosting their overall performance while working remotely. 

“Our employees are one of the major reasons why we thrive in the business. Globe makes deliberate efforts to take good care of its employees, by giving them opportunities to develop their skills and hone their talents at work. It is our hope that by enabling and taking care of our employees, they may be continually inspired to give the best service and care to our customers,” said Renato Jiao, Globe Chief Human Resource Officer. 

“Kudos to Newton! Congratulations to you and the whole GU team for opening a whole new world of learning possibilities with Newton! Aside from the eLearning sessions, I'm ecstatic with the audio courses - New Learning Spotify, and that I can directly post Certificates in my LinkedIn profile,” said Miles Valencia, a Globe employee. 

“Newton 2.0 is definitely an upgrade! The "Netflix-like" recommendation is also perfect. It's so convenient to continuously learn since the relevant topics are being recommended based on my previous choices,” said Suzy Urbano, a Globe employee.

Another highlight of Globe's learning and development enablement is that it facilitated the completion of courses in the areas of Business Operations, Customer Service, Data and Digital Transformation, Leadership, Management, Sales & Marketing, and Productivity Tools by 5,906 employees or 75% of Globe's employee base.

“I would say that Newton 2.0 has brought learning to another level. With more than 8,000 courses to choose from, it has made learning more dynamic, accessible, and convenient. Globe University has always partnered with us, ensuring that everyone receives readily accessible learning resources, so we may develop or upgrade critical competencies and skills we need in our work. Newton 2.0 is empowering, and we are grateful that Globe has provided us with this tool. It truly serves its purpose - enabling us to learn new things so we can help our company create a Globe of Good,” said Oz Yu, another Ka-Globe.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Globe’s training approach shifted to 100% digital learning. As part of this shift, Globe University launched Newton, a digital online learning platform for Globe employees. Digital Learning allowed Globe to train 97% of its employees in 2020 versus 71% in 2019 when the mode of training delivery was largely face-to-face and in-person classroom training. 2020 also saw a great leap in digital learning takeup at 89% versus 19% in 2019.

Globe continuously works towards helping employees harmonize work and personal life as part of its purpose of treating people right. This is also in support of 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 4 on inclusive and equitable quality education; and UN SDG No. 8 to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

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