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KonsultaMD, Makati Medical Center Join Forces

KonsultaMD, Makati Medical Center Join Forces to Bridge Gap Between Online and Offline Healthcare in PH

BANNER CAPTION: (L-R) Dr. Chelsea Samson, KonsultaMD Chief Business and Medical Affairs Officer; Beia Latay, KonsultaMD Chief Operating Officer; Cholo Tagaysay, KonsultaMD CEO; Atty. Pilar Nenuca Almira, Makati Medical Center President and CEO; Arlyn Songco, Makati Medical Center Senior VP of Creative, Communications, and Sales Services; and Sabrina Murillo, Makati Medical CenterAssistant Director, Data Protection Officer.

Leading telehealth company KonsultaMD and premier Philippine hospital Makati Medical Center (MMC) have come together to bridge the gap between online and offline healthcare services in the country.

KonsultaMD CEO and Makati Medical Center President CEO

Cholo Tagaysay, KonsultaMD CEO (left), and Atty. Pilar Nenuca Almira, Makati Medical Center President and CEO, leading the way to innovation by integrating online and offline healthcare services

This partnership, recently formalized in a contract signing ceremony, positions KonsultaMD as an accredited partner of MMC’s Strategic Hospital Alliance Program (SHAP). The MMC initiative, which has been on-going for over a decade, is designed to broaden the reach of MMC's advanced medical services across the nation.

"The power of collaboration can truly make an impact, and this partnership between Makati Medical Center and KonsultaMD is a prime example of different entities coming together with a shared vision to create positive change. Our goal is to create an integrated healthcare experience that combines the accessibility of digital platforms with the comprehensive and hands-on care patients receive in a hospital,” said Cholo Tagaysay, Chief Executive Officer of KonsultaMD.

Through the partnership, KonsultaMD members can now avail themselves of a range of medical offerings from MMC directly through the KonsultaMD Super App. These include outpatient diagnostics tests, in-patient surgical procedures, rehabilitation services, and hospital admission. Users only need to contact a KonsultaMD Medical Coordinator instead of going through different channels or partners to begin accessing these services, simplifying the traditionally complex process of healthcare navigation.

"KonsultaMD, being the first to mass market healthcare services in the digital platform in the country, is the perfect “marriage” for us at Makati Medical Center. Digitalization and mobile services in tandem with our state-of-the-art facilities can help provide quality healthcare and advance the healthcare industry, allowing access to more people" says Arlyn Songco, MMC Senior Vice President of the Creative Communications and Sales Services Division.

The integration of MMC’s services into the KonsultaMD platform follows a simple process: users download the KonsultaMD app, choose their desired service, provide necessary details, pay the booking fee via a link provided by the Medical Coordinator, and visit MMC at the scheduled date and time. This move is intended to improve healthcare accessibility and streamline the medical consultation process.

The partnership further strengthens KonsultaMD's commitment to democratizing healthcare in the country. As a 917Ventures portfolio company, KonsultaMD offers a range of reliable telehealth services, from 24/7 access to doctors and medical certificates to same-day pharmacy delivery, at-home diagnostics, and nursing care for newborns and the elderly, to serve various medical requirements of Filipinos.

With a strong advocacy for mental health, KonsultaMD also continues to lead the charge in destigmatizing mental health issues, further emphasizing its comprehensive approach to healthcare. Its collaboration with MMC underlines the commitment of both entities to offer an integrated healthcare experience, blending the best of online and offline medical care for the Filipino population.

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