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Globe Urges Customers to Use Reporting Tool for Spam/Scam Cases - Globe Newsroom

Globe Urges Customers to Use Reporting Tool for Spam/Scam Cases

As cases of mobile fraud and spamming continue to escalate during the pandemic, Globe Telecom is encouraging its customers to use the company’s reporting tool to stop unscrupulous people from taking advantage or deceiving the general public through calls and text messages.

By visiting and filling out the online form, Globe customers can easily help put a stop to these illegal practices.  Once a report is received, Globe will promptly respond by deactivating numbers proven to be repetitive sources of such dubious messages.

“We are concerned about the problems that could arise from these call and text scams. This is why we continuously work to combat this malicious behavior to provide a spam-free experience for all our customers. While we constantly upgrade and improve our blocking and filtering mechanism to keep unwanted messages from entering our network, we also need the cooperation of our customers to make this effort fully effective,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.

Globe reminds its customers that official Globe advisories come only from a 4-digit or alphanumeric sender code, thus, they should not entertain any message from 11-digit numbers pretending to be from Globe no matter how legitimate they seem to be.  Other warning signs of scams and spams are the presence of letters that are deliberately capitalized as well as grammatical and spelling errors.

Most recently, there are complaints about alleged Globe representatives offering a SIM upgrade and asking for one-time PIN.  Globe, however,  will never ask for personal information or ask anyone to surrender their SIM since this may lead to unauthorized access to services such as verification or security protocols for banks accounts, money transfers, and other related transactions that are linked to the customer’s mobile number.

The same holds true for other text messages from third parties that request for personal information such as name, age, and address, in exchange for raffle prizes, pre-approved loans, and other similar offers.  These scammers often entice their victims to send money in exchange for their prize.

Globe also warned against text messages that require the recipient to send a certain amount to 2 + (10-digit mobile number) for either a "discount," "refund," and other fraudulent claims. This is a Share-a-Load process that will transfer Prepaid load to the scammer.

Another similar scam involves a request for the recipient to dial *100*1* (10-digit mobile number) and so on. This is an AutoloadMAX retailer process that will transfer load credits to the scammer.

Thus, Globe also reminds its customers to always transact with Globe official channels and accounts.

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