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AdSpark an Essential Partner as Businesses Pivot to Digital - Globe Newsroom

Globe’s AdSpark an Essential Partner as Businesses Pivot to Digital

Award-winning digital advertising agency AdSpark has been helping businesses transition to an increasingly internet and data-driven world. Its targeted digital marketing campaigns and solutions have allowed firms to understand and attend to customers’ specific needs as the pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift to digital transactions and activities.

AdSpark has guided companies from various industries in effectively utilizing digital and mobile advertising campaigns to boost interest and awareness about their brands. This has become even more vital as digital media consumption will continue to outpace traditional media, according to a 2022 Global Media Outlook Report by UK-based international research data and analytics group YouGov.

The YouGov report stressed that “in the last 12 months, a higher proportion of all global consumers claimed to have increased their consumption of websites/apps, social media, and streaming video services than more traditional media such as TV or radio.’’

“The media type showing the highest growth was online consumption of websites/apps, with 42% of global consumers claiming to have increased consumption in the last 12 months,” the report added.

Gretchen Largoza, AdSpark President and Chief Executive Officer, explained that the AdTech agency’s full suite of innovative and intuitive digital services helps its partners tell a unique story that sparks interest and positive conversations.

“Being part of a digital solutions platform such as Globe allows us to leverage on customer intelligence tools and other communications assets to help brands reach out to customers and create human connections,” Largoza said.

AdSpark is part of 917Ventures, the country’s largest corporate venture builder wholly-owned by Globe. It generated revenues of over ₱1.2 billion in 2021, 32% higher than its full-year 2021 revenues, making it one of the largest ad agencies and companies in the Philippines today.

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