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Globe At Home to Fill Gaps on Home Broadband Connectivity in Rural Areas - Globe Newsroom

Globe At Home to Fill Gaps on Home Broadband Connectivity in Rural Areas

More than a year into lockdown, Globe At Home shows no signs of slowing down in responding to the transformed needs of their customers related to at-home internet connectivity. Experiencing a surge in customer subscriptions compared to last year prompted the broadband group to divert to reliable high-speed offers and fiber builds to cater to customers from the affluent to the masses. 

On addressing the steady growth of wired, wireless, and home prepaid WiFi subscribers in the rural areas across the nation, Delgado disclosed that they have prioritized areas where there is strong demand for the services.

Apart from fiber builds, Globe At Home is hard at work in expanding their KonekTayo service which provides internet coverage via a network of access points in high-density, mass-dwelling units. It is currently available in selected areas in Metro Manila, Iloilo, Tacloban, Cavite, and Laguna, with more areas to come soon. 

The broadband group has also lowered down the prices in selected channels for the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modems and Globe MyFi devices to lower the barrier to entry of economically-challenged households wanting a modem or device for their homes.  

“By refreshing our prepaid offer portfolio and expanding our community WiFi footprint via KonekTayo, we reach more of the masses and uplift their lives in the new normal,” said Darius Delgado, Globe Vice President and Head of Broadband Business.

Determined to deliver internet for every Filipino, Globe At Home disclosed that they are on track on its target to provide one million additional fiber lines by the end of 2021 with fiber rollout efforts up to 2.6 times more productive versus the previous year. 

These efforts are to prioritize expanding their services to new customers, migrating existing subscribers to better connectivity experiences, and more importantly, provide mass-market families in the rural areas with affordable yet reliable connectivity.

“Globe At Home aims to be every Filipino household’s long-term partner uplifting them regardless of their economic standing, even going beyond borders and inherent limitations,” Delgado said.

The telco’s efforts are heavily guided by 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). Its aggressive network builds are in line with UN SDG No. 9, in particular, which underscores the importance of innovation and infrastructure to drive economic growth and development. 

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