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Globe Bags UN SDG Award for ‘People’ - Globe Newsroom

Globe Bags UN SDG Award for ‘People’ in 1st SDG Awards in the Philippines

Globe, the country’s digital solutions provider, leveraged its strength in technology to keep its 8,000 employees safe, connected, and engaged during the pandemic. With this, Globe took home the first-ever United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) Awards under the People Category hosted by the UN Global Compact Network Philippines (UNGCP). 

The Awards, which recognize companies that have showcased best practices in implementing the UN SDGs in their operations, recognized Globe for its outstanding contributions to people's overall wellness.

The recognition affirms Globe’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 3, which promotes healthy lives and well-being for all, and SDG No. 9 on fostering innovation.

“It is with deep gratitude and thanks that we receive this award. The pandemic has taught us to maximize the power of technology to bridge connections and keep our employees together. This award inspires us to stay true to our commitment,” said Nico Bambao, Globe’s People Experience Director, during the virtual awards ceremonies held recently. 

Globe immediately saw the need to support and enhance the physical and mental well-being of its workforce, especially during the lockdowns when people were forced to juggle responsibilities at home and at work. 

With technology within its reach, Globe used the opportunity to develop internal digital solutions for employee communication and connection such as:

  • DUDE Bot – Digital Usher for Disaster and Emergencies, a Workplace chatbot designed to perform automated daily health checks and direct employees to relevant sources of information, links to healthcare partners, and direct contacts to the company’s COVID-19 Response Team for immediate support.
  • HopeChat – a 24/7 counseling platform co-developed with Australia-based Virtual Psychologist (VP) in July 2020 to help employees cope with the psychological impact of COVID-19.
  • GCheck – a self-assessment tool that determines if an employee is allowed to enter Globe premises for the day. Fit-to-work unlocks GAccess space features, while the latter triggers the HR COVID-19 team for support.
  • Wanda – a recognition chatbot that enables employees to send special e-Cards to one another to nurture Globe’s culture of recognition even while working apart.

By implementing these technologies, Globe was able to manage employees’ health remotely and when they needed to visit the office.

“Our employees and workforce are major factors in delivering uninterrupted services to Filipinos, especially during the pandemic so we had to keep them safe and healthy. We value our connections at work the way we value our customers,” said Bambao. 

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