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Request Bulk Hauling of E-Waste - Globe

E-Waste Zero: Mobile and Broadband Devices

Join us in our environmental advocacy. Fill out this form to request for hauling of bulky or multiple items weighing ten kilograms or more.

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Please follow this format: MM/DD/YYYY
Your preferred date should be from Monday to Saturday only, and at least three days after filling out the form.

Your preferred time should be within 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. only.


Area *


Source of Donation *

For companies under the Ayala Group, please select from the options below:

One file only.
1.95 GB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, png.

For the avoidance of doubt, GLOBE, its accredited hauling and recycling partners shall not be responsible to cleanse any data, including personal information, appearing in any collected e-waste. As such, GLOBE and its accredited hauling partners and recycling partners shall not be liable for any leakage or unauthorized disclosure of personal information in relation to this Program.

By clicking the "Yes, I agree" checkbox below, I understand and agree that any personal data I will provide to request for a transfer of location will be processed in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Privacy Policy of Globe.