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GFiber Speed Boost Promo - Globe At Home

What You’ll Love About the Fiber Fast Speed Boost

Up to 200 Mbps for Three Months

Enjoy an ultra-fast internet connection for the ultimate surfing, streaming, and smart home experience.

Connect Up to Nine Devices

Stay connected across all your devices with faster and bigger broadband data.

Learn & Work from Home with Ease

Keep up with remote work and school activities with a super reliable fiber connection.

HD Streaming & Gaming

Take online viewing and gaming to the next level with a significantly higher download and upload speed.


GFiber Free Speed Boost Trial

Globe At Home’s free speed boost for three months will be given to select Globe broadband postpaid customers for them to experience faster speeds.  After three months, speed will revert to the speed of the original plan. 

This offer is available to eligible customers only.

How to Avail the Offer

Existing Globe At Home subscribers can avail of the free GFiber Speed Boost depending on their current modem and line capability.

How Qualified Subscribers will be Notified

Subscribers will receive a text and in-app notification regarding their three-month FREE speed boost. This will also reflect on their respective billing statements as "Php 0.00."

Start of Trial Period

Once subscribers have received the text and In-app notification from us, they can already enjoy the FREE speed boost trial. There’s no need to activate or perform extra steps.

End of Trial Period

The FREE speed boost will automatically be deactivated by the system. Subscribers will be informed of its expiration, and their GFiber plan will go back to its original speed.


Let’s Get Digital

Perk up your lifestyle with a gadget that lets you do more.


How long can I experience my FREE speed boost trial?

The FREE speed boost is valid for 3 months  only. After 3 months, you will go back to your regular subscribed speed.