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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management - The Business Advisor

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management

Decades ago, working on a desktop computer was the only way for employees to fulfill their tasks. However, widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile digital applications have untethered the workforce from their desktops, allowing them to do business-related tasks anywhere, even away from their offices.

From time-keeping to group chats to accessing files on the cloud, doing work on mobile devices is not unusual anymore—it is the status quo.

While the practice may be a boon to productivity, we cannot deny that there are security risks posed by putting sensitive business data in one’s pocket. To counter these risks, having a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system in place has become essential for many businesses.

In its simplest function, MDM enables a company’s IT staff to remotely manage and secure company-provided smartphones and tablets, but the benefits of MDM to a business go far beyond just monitoring mobile devices.

Increased Control and Security

An effective MDM system makes sure that sensitive business data, emails, and documents are kept secure. If a device has been reported lost or stolen, administrators can easily lock down, disconnect, or turn off a mobile device. SIM cards can also be locked to only employee mobile devices and will require a PUK code when transferred to another device.

In addition to security, MDM gives companies better control over their devices. For example, a company with field sales no longer needs to enroll and set up every device being used by its sales agents. Instead, it can set up devices and implement security software automatically. Specific tools and apps can be pushed to the agents’ devices as well. If they want an app already set up as soon as they turn it on, or want automated updates or replacements to company-wide apps, these can be done easily without having to call the device in for a manual set-up.

Powerful and Highly Efficient Management

While helpful, mobile devices can also be a distraction for employees. If an organization wants to limit or prohibit the use of specific applications on their devices and eliminate unnecessary data charges, IT managers can restrict YouTube, Facebook, or other social media apps to improve productivity.

Take ride-hailing businesses, for instance. Since drivers need to focus on the road, some companies implement MDM to prevent them from using other applications except for the transportation app and Waze or Google Maps while driving. This ensures not just operational efficiency, but also safety.

Upscaled Flexibility for the Digital and Mobile Workforce

Working from any location using mobile devices enables convenient access to relevant files anytime, in whatever situation. A company’s sales agents, for example, do not have to sweat downloading resources from different portals one by one. Through MDM’s centralized system, company documents such as forms and training materials can be distributed more efficiently and accessed only by authorized individuals.

Exploring the Right MDM Solution

At Globe Business, we believe that putting equal importance to productivity, efficiency, and security gives enterprises the edge to thrive in this age of a mobile workforce.

As more businesses opt for a bring-your-own-device scheme, MDM is ready to match the need for features that will help them gain control over devices while letting employees have the freedom to work securely and productively.

With our MDM solution, businesses can choose from a list of device management providers depending on their needs. For more advanced features, an all-in-one package is also available, which already includes Globe’s other business solutions such as security- and cloud-related products. On top of these, our MDM services facilitate quick activation of lines and ease of payment through single billing.

To start managing your business-related devices and learn more about our MDM services, please get in touch with your dedicated Account Manager today.

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