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Cybersecurity - Terms & Conditions - Globe myBusiness

Terms and Conditions for Cybersecurity


Organizations need a Cyber Security Services to help them secure their Network/Perimeter, Endpoint and Application Security. 

<Company Name> understands this, and is therefore considering availing it from Globe
CyberSec services. 

<Description of the Product/Service>

<Company Name> understands this, and is therefore considering availing it from Globe CyberSec services. 

This proposal includes the <Principal/Distributor> Agreement (Third Party Terms, ANNEX 3 and Non-Cancellation Form, ANNEX 4), which Company should accept, but this proposal shall be without prejudice to the Terms and Conditions that parties need to agree on.


Please refer to ANNEX 1 - Third Party Vendor Scope of Work (SOW) and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The proposed facilities stated above will be discussed with your representatives prior to implementation and are subject to final confirmation upon completion of full technical evaluation of the project.


Please refer to ANNEX 2 - Payment Terms and Schedule of Fees


  • 12% Vat is excluded and will be charged to Customer.
  • Customer shall issue a signed proposal or valid PO prior to commencement of services.
  • Customer shall issue a signed Non-cancellation Form prior to commencement of the services attached in this proposal (Non-Cancellation Form, ANNEX 4).
  • Globe CyberSec Services requires Customer’s acceptance of the terms and conditions between Customer and Third Party Vendor/Licensor including the End User License Agreement and Third Party Vendor/Licensor Service Terms and Conditions of Vendor (Third Party Terms).
  • For purposes of billing, all invoices submitted by Innove shall be due and payable within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. If Customer fails to pay an invoice within the thirty (30) days, Customer shall pay interest on such invoices at the rate of 2% per month. To ensure that Customer has continued right to use of the services, for which Innove settles an amount to its Third Party Vendor/Licensor, Innove reserves the right to disable Customer’s services for non-payment.
  • Proposals are valid for up to thirty (30) days from the date on the cover page.

This terms/proposal shall be effective for a period of thirty (30) days from its date, and shall be considered withdrawn if CUSTOMER does not signify acceptance of the agreement. 

ANNEX 1 – Insert SOW

ANNEX 2 – Insert Price and Payment Terms

ANNEX 3 – Insert Licensor EULA

ANNEX 4 – Non-Cancellation Form


Reseller Details

Address:16TH Floor, The Innove Tower Cebu, Samar Loop corner Panay Road, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City Philippines
Order Date :

Credit Terms:

End-User Details  

Company Name
Order Date 

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your order based on the item description and price listed below. INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS, INC., acceptance of your order is subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Your order is FIRM AND NOT CANCELLABLE for whatever reason once INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS, INC., received this signed Non-Cancellable and Payment Agreement Form.
  2. INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS, INC., to load the order upon receiving of your Purchase Order/Sales Order Form including this signed agreement form.
  3. You are aware that once order is loaded, this is no longer cancellable and no longer returnable.
  4. The CUSTOMER has to accept the items once delivered and agrees to pay the payment / credit terms stated in the Payment Terms and Schedule of Fees, ANNEX 2 of the CUSTOMER Proposal/Contract.
  5. All terms and conditions related to customer transactions will be governed by the signed CUSTOMER Proposal/Agreement signed by both parties CUSTOMER and INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS, INC.,.


This is to signify your acknowledgment to all the Terms and Condition described above.

Authorized Signatory

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Job Title-
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