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Globe Business MSME User Council

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Globe Business MSME User Council is a community that aims to bridge a connection between our design team and actual customers from the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector. By joining, you can:

Collaborate With Us

Take part in improving the experience of products and services of Globe Business.

Engage With Your Fellow SME Owners

Participate in a variety of fun activities as you network with other SME owners.

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Get exclusive invites and rewards just by participating in the User Council’s activities.

Hear From Some of Our Council Members

Marina Cudala

Marina Cudala

Projects Plus Event & Talents Management

“It’s so much fun to be a member of the User Council. The facilitators are very keen to hear what we have to say. They make us feel that what we think and believe matters to them. They make us rest assured that Globe is really after their clients’ and customers’ benefit. BTW, I love the freebies they give too!”

Reynaldo Cordova Jr.

Reynaldo Cordova Jr.

Playville PH

“Fun! Exciting! Electrifying! Tantalizing! Different gimmicks every month! Thank you, Globe! #ForTheLoveOfBusiness!”

Reynaldo Cordova Jr.

Melissa Espiritu

St. Joseph’s Academy

“I am deeply honored to be part of the Globe User Council. As one of the few representatives of the education sector in the council, I am glad that my voice is heard, my opinions are valued, and that I’m able to bring up the concerns of the school staff and students whenever I participate in events, surveys, and other activities.”

Reynaldo Cordova Jr.

Carl Lozano

Home Shopping Network Inc.

“It’s a great learning experience on how technology can be an amazing tool for growing your business.”

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