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Here's How To Get Your Business Noticed This Christmas

Here's how your brand can cut through the noise this holiday season

The holiday season is a festive time for everyone, especially for small to medium business owners.

Thanks to Christmas bonuses, 13th month payout, as well as nice lists make Filipinos a lot more open to spending all that hard-earned money. In fact, Filipinos spend 20% more during the ber months than any other time of the year!

While this is great news for businesses, it isn't enough to rely on the holiday season’s gold rush. If you really want to finish the year strong, you need to ramp up your efforts on every front—especially on social media. 

A study by eMarketer revealed that more than half of social media users count a brand's social media presence as an influence on their holiday purchase decisions. That's because lots of shoppers turn to Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter as a source for shopping inspiration. So a special social media Christmas campaign might be the thing your business needs to turn inspiration to purchase.

Here are four social media marketing ideas for the holidays that can help you make 2019 your best year yet: 

1. Give back to your top followers with a giveaway

Because who doesn't like free stuff? Host a giveaway on social media (whatever platform you have most followers) as a way to say "thanks" to your loyal customers. Make it double as a promotional activity for your business as well. 

Oftentimes, clothing brands host a game that asks customers to post about their favorite purchase from their store. In return, they win limited-edition merch that instantly creates a desire for their brand. Part of the mechanics is to tag your social media page or account handle on their post. Getting insight into what your customers think about your business is a bonus!

2. Tell brand moments with Stories

Emotions drive actions. Nothing gets people to pay attention more than with a good, heartwarming story. Remember the Kwentong Jollibee ads that came out a few years ago? There’s a reason it got over 100 million views (and possibly an equivalent number of tears) online. 

In this day and age, short-attention-spanned millennials run the show. The best platform to tell a story to them is the Stories feature on Facebook and Instagram. It's a great way to capture micro-moments, show off your brand's personality, and give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. Post clips of local artisans crafting your ceramic wares or of the company's dog wishing followers a happy "bark-mas!"

3. Partner up with a cause

Today's digital natives feel accountable for their purchase decisions. They want to spend their cash on businesses that make a positive impact on the world (and not the opposite). It’s a huge bonus if your brand does just that. If not, you can always team up with organizations or charities that do. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to promote any efforts on this front. It’ll give your business a big differentiating factor. Invest in a cause that you truly believe in. Your customers who feel the same way will support you and the products that give back to their advocacies.

Let them know your efforts through marketing materials, social media pages, and e-newsletters. This way, you can better contribute to your cause with your customers' help.

4. Put the "A" in your Facebook Ad game

You aren't the only one out there trying to grab everyone's attention. The holiday season means newsfeeds are going to be filled with ads and promotional content. If you want to cut through the noise and clutter, you need to get specific and segmentation is the answer. 

Segment your customers based on what your Facebook data tells you. If a large segment of your followers is mothers, you can personalize your Facebook Ad messaging to appeal to them. Frame your product as something their kids would love for Christmas, for example.

Globe myBusiness Facebook Ads Creator will take you through campaign creation steps easily. It won’t just help you make effective ads, it also gives you the option to pay them through your Globe bill.

It isn't about spending more, it's about marketing better. And better personalization can lead to higher conversions. Additionally, Globe myBusiness’ ThePLAN can help you control your spending and maximize ad needs through bigger data allocation, solution add-ons (like Facebook Ads), perks, and discounts. 

Art Alex Lara

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