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6 Fun and Unconventional Résumé Templates for Your Next Job Search

A good first impression begins with the résumé

There’s a saying that goes: “Your energy introduces you before you speak.” On the job search front, the counterpart is your résumé. Powerful enough to persuade—or, on the flipside, turn off—potential employers, the résumé is your professional identity at a glance. What are your strong suits? What can you contribute? Do you dedicate part of your free time to skill building workshops? If so, which ones?

You are just one candidate among other bankable applicants, one file folder somewhere in a pile, so your résumé needs to stand out one way or another. Give those employers a reason to stick around for a thorough read and actually enjoy going through your profile. Get design inspiration from the fun and unconventional résumé templates below. You should definitely consider them for your next job search!

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Get creative with color blocking and columns.

Break down the segments of your résumé with color.


via Etsy

Give the one-page format a modern makeover.

This is one prime example of how to maximize the space on a single page:


via Etsy

Try a sleek sidebar in a dark color.

The stark contrast in color adds a luxurious touch. It’s modern, but still elegant and not too unconventional.


via Etsy

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple border.

Sometimes all you need is a page border to draw the eye in and make reading through the different sections of your document a lot easier. Make a clear distinction between these sections using intersecting lines. It’s also a great way to make your résumé look neat and organized.


via Etsy

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Make your name stand out.

Your full name should be the key element of your résumé’s header anyway. Since this is the first thing your potential employer will notice (if you don’t have a professional headshot in place), don’t waste the opportunity to make it memorable.



Communicate with icons.

Don’t limit yourself to just different font faces and colors. Incorporate shapes and icons into your résumé, too, to make it an interesting read.



With these templates, you can best highlight your work history, career wins and your professional capabilities for the next chapter in your working life. Don’t get carried away and try too many design elements at once though. One theme should be enough to give your traditional résumé the revamp it needs.

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