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3 Things We Love Most about Green Day

They’ve been around for 30 years—and counting


We’ve all gone through puberty a.k.a troubled teenage years. It was a period of hating the government or the system, rebelling against any and all types of authority and wearing the blackest of eyeliners.


While self-respecting adults have buried these old photos, there’s one thing we all don’t mind going back to from those years—the music.


Green Day made it seem like we weren’t alone in going through the melodrama and angst of puberty. That it’s okay to feel angry and dissatisfied with the oft-incompetent world we live in. This is why we want to celebrate some of the things we adore most about the beloved trio…because being punktastic wasn’t a phase, it’s in our subconscious, just waiting to come out at the right moment.


1. They proved that even punk rock songs could have an amazingly catchy melody


Some people have criticized the band for having a lighter sound than many of their contemporaries, like Rise Against, Sex Pistols and many others. But their sound just opened up new facets of the genre that the others probably didn’t want to explore in fear of being labeled “pop” rather than “punk.” Green Day’s quick-tempo, explosive power chord playing would later influence bands like Paramore, Sum 41 and Blink-182. So instead of trying to fit into the mold, Green Day focused on creating their unique sound, which is really what punk rock is all about.


2. The trio’s talent


Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and their drummer Tré Cool won’t be the first few names to come to people’s minds when they think of talented musicians. But in reality, even though most of Green Day’s songs are relatively easy to learn (hence the several Green Day cover bands in your high school), some of their lesser-known songs have really showcased how good each member is in his instrument.


For instance, the bass riffs from Longview and Holiday gave those songs a kick and allowed Dirnt to take the spotlight with melodies he wrote himself. We dare say that what makes those songs memorable is the bass line!


Tré Cool is a ball of animalistic energy on the drums. You know it not when you see him banging his head to the beat but hear it when his frenzied drum rolls propel the whole band (and you) forward. Listen once again to Burnout, Emenius Sleepus, Homecoming, or the classic Basket Case. You’ll know what we mean.


Armstrong’s voice may not be the best because of its limited range (or so we assume from his songs), but you know he’s singing when you hear it. And it’s not just owing to the twang. It’s also how he sounds like he’s just talking to you as he sings—and how that makes us sing with him (and like him). You’ll know this especially if you’ve heard their live album Bullet in a Bible. Can we hear an “AAAYYYOOO?!”


3. How they’re still at it!


Dirnt and Armstrong were just barely out of puberty when they first started playing in 1986 under the name Sweet Children. Now even with 30 years of experience under their belts, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Plus this October 7, the band is set to release its newest album Revolution Radio. And their world tour has begun! They won’t be stopping by the Philippines, but we can watch videos of their live performances online. Because what’s punk rock without a smashing live performance?





Words Chise Alcantara and Stephanie Shi

Photo via Twitter/Green Day

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