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4 Cool Things You Can Do with

It’s your time to shine!

People today create content like crazy. With over millions of videos, posts and articles being uploaded and being viewed each day, the competition is getting steeper for those precious seconds of screen-swiping free time. Even apps like Vine closed down because it couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing interests of millennials.

People are on the lookout for an app that can showcase their talent and taste to set them apart from all the other amateur content producers. Or, more humbly, to just upload something to make other Internet users laugh., one of the best apps for music and more today, caters to individuals who can lip-sync to popular songs and who have interesting talents and creative ideas they want to share with the world. Here are four things that you can try out on this versatile app!

1.    Show off your hidden talent and good taste in music!

What is It's one of the few apps that allow you to make music videos—starring you and your friends, of course—anywhere and anytime you want. This makes video challenges, like who can dance better, one of the app’s best features.

The users are fun to watch, and the music is unmistakably pop and upbeat. The coolest part about it? There are no bad vibes. When you’re using the app, you won’t feel any competition or bitterness about who’s more flexible or creative. They’re all impressive in their own way, which is great!

If you have the app, you can try doing the trending #leguplegdown or the bottle flipping challenge (try to see whether the bottle lands on its cap or flat on its bottom). Use the hashtag and gain followers!

2.   Become #couplegoals

While online PDA is frowned upon on social media, especially by online Bitter Ocampos, becoming the #couplegoals of all your so-called online “friends” is as easy as making loveable and silly videos with your significant other on Showing how talented and adorably synchronized you and your partner can be as a unit will make all of your other friends ask their significant other, “Uy, bakit hindi tayo ganyan?!”

3.   Rap like a god.

Ever wanted to have a machine gun-like mouth or tongue like Eminem or Gloc-9, but stu-stuttering on their poetic tongue twisters? Don’t fret because you can fake it ‘til you make it with the app’s “fast” option which allows you to slowly record frame by frame to deliver each syllable flawlessly—and with matching hand signs, too. When you save and play it back, voila! The video’s in the actual quick speed again! Yup, you’ll be living your rapper dreams—or at least looking the part.

4.   Show your human side.

When you’ve been labeled as an uptight socialite or a corporate slave who’s forgotten how to smile, it’s pretty hard to break the image people have of you. But has allowed people who are considered “unreachable” to break their persona to become more approachable.

Stars like Liza Soberano and Andrea Brillantes have showed people that even if they look like goddesses or are celebrity royalty, they’re all just normal people who enjoy making fun of themselves. 

First Daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, too, has a following on Maybe we’ll see a presidential duet soon? Who knows? That family is full of surprises.

Download the app on App Store or Google Play.

Words Chise Alcantara

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