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5 Julia Roberts Movies You Have to Watch

Take a closer look at how every gal’s favorite star Julia Roberts inspires women in 5 of her iconic movie characters


With her iconic megawatt smile and unparalleled talent in breathing life into her characters, Julia Roberts will forever be at the top of the Hollywood A-List. Her decades-long career is decorated with films that not only made bank but have also found their place among every woman’s list of favorite flicks. It’s not hard to imagine why—Julia Roberts’ magic lies in making each of her roles as real as your best friend, making it that much easier to laugh and cry with her. Here are five of her famous portrayals that each woman can (and should!) be inspired by.


Erin Brockovich (2000)

As the titular character in this true story-turned-Oscar-nominated-movie, Roberts’s character exposed the often harsh realities of being an unskilled single mother. Through sheer force of will and a tenacious commitment to doing the right thing, Erin Brockovich not only landed herself a job, she raised her voice against prejudice and clamoured for true justice—proof that women are strong enough to affect real change.



Runaway Bride (1999)

Rom-com clichés aside, Julia Roberts’ Maggie brings to light a harsh truth that many women in relationships often don’t really know who they are (spoiler alert: which explains why she ran away from three previous weddings and fiancés). In a plot twist, she chooses to run away from her true love a fourth time—this time, to focus on herself and really find peace with who she is, fiancé or no fiancé.


My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Okay, so maybe it was pretty underhanded of Julia’s character Julianne to try and sabotage her best friend’s wedding to the guileless Kimberly (Cameron Diaz), but you have to give the lady props for having the guts to confess her feelings to the man she loved. Too often do women keep their emotions inside and play the martyr, so Julianne serves as a great reminder that you shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel.


Pretty Woman (1990)

Roberts’ Vivian Ward turns our preconceived notions about being a sex worker on its head by appearing as a big-hearted yet strong and assertive woman in control. Vivian spends majority of the movie unashamed of who she is and what she does—far from the cheap and sleazy hooker we expected.



Eat Pray Love (2010)

The book this movie was based on was heralded as the single woman’s bible on empowering herself post-breakup—and of course only Julia Roberts could bring it to life on the big screen. Julia showed women everywhere that rediscovering one’s self is a literal journey every woman must take for herself, no breakup required.

Words by: Lamar Roque
Image by: Getty Images

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