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8 Dance Moves You Have To Try With This Spotify Playlist | go! | Globe

8 Dance Moves You Have To Try With This Spotify Playlist

In case you still have to perform for lolo and lola or just feel like having a dance party just because, these moves will surely make your Christmas extra merry

Cold December Night by by Michael Buble x The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This 90s-fresh move works so well with the jingly intro, don’t you think?

Where Did My Snowman Go by Gene Autry, The Mitchell Choir x Guy in Jumpsuit

Come on, the song + those moves made your shoulders shimmy a little

Happy by Pharrell Williams x Drake

Because Happy and Drake, and Drake’s dancing makes people happy

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town by Frank Sinatra x Viva Las Vegas

Yasss, swing those hips and shoulders to Sinatra

Snow in California by Ariana Grande x Channing Tatum

Vogue out to Ariana Grande’s sweet and sexy holiday anthem with the titas of the family

If It Doesn’t Snow on Christmas Day by Gene Autry, The Mitchell Choir x Brad Pitt

Just because this looks easy enough and fun to do

Snowflakes and Teardrops by The Angels x Seventeen

Everything about this is making us want to shake all we’ve got

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry x Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite

It’s not your usual Christmas song but it’s pop-y enough to dance to. Throw in some awkward-sexy moves to make it a party

Love these songs? Listen to it all and more on This Is: Frosty The Snowman playlist:

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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