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5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Stream: January 2022 - go!

5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Stream: January 2022

It’s time, once again, to get your fill of brand-new music

It’s a new year and we’re starting things off with some of the most hotly-anticipated releases for January. 

The month began with a deliciously varied buffet of new music. The extended version of Halsey’s If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power is here, among other projects. Coming up next are Mama Ru by RuPaul, Rose Pink Cadillac by Dope Lemon and Now or Whenever by Spector, all coming out January 7th. 

Further down the line, the first of the year remains jam-packed, but we do have our eyes (and ears) out for several releases in particular. Scroll ahead to know the five albums we can’t wait to stream (and maybe hit pre-save on them, too.)

"Brightside" by The Lumineers

American indie-folk band The Lumineers have taken their time teasing their fourth studio album, Brightside, much to their fans’ delight. With three singles already out—namely, BRIGHTSIDE, BIG SHOT and A.M. RADIO—the upcoming full-length project gives listeners a chance to simmer and soak in a new yet familiar sound ahead of the band’s midmonth release. To get in the mood for Brightside, revisit the title track below.

Stream "Brightside," too, when it hits all major streaming platforms on January 14.

"Capri Sun" by FKA twigs

For English artist FKA twigs, a new era equals a new exciting project. The Tears In The Club singer-songwriter is set to release her mixtape, Capri Sun, which showcases a twigs that is “pushed to level up to her best self.” In a press release promoting the mixtape, she went on to share: “I’ve pushed so hard to find my capri sun. I’m so proud of this music.” 

Stream "Capri Sun" when it hits all major streaming platforms on January 14.

"Storm Queen" by Grace Cummings

Coming up this month as well: the distinct, moody sound of Australian singer-songwriter Grace Cummings. As a follow-up to her 2019 LP Refuge Cove, the folk singer is releasing her second full-length album with ATO Records, one that is unabashedly raw, uninhibited and even haunting. It showcases wisdom beyond Cummings’ 17 years, too—a reason to stay tuned and get excited about diversifying your listening this year.

Stream "Storm Queen" when it drops on January 14.

"ONCE TWICE MELODY: Chapter 3" by Beach House

After a four-year hiatus from producing new music, Beach House is back and busy with four stellar installments of their distinct brand of dream-pop. Just a little over a month since the release of ONCE TWICE MELODY: Chapter 2, the American indie rock duo is set to return with their next self-produced EP ONCE TWICE MELODY: Chapter 3 on January 19 (and Chapter 4 follows on February 18th). 

"Night Call" by Years & Years 

British musician Olly Alexander (aka Years & Years) is charging straight into the new year with more fiery, upbeat tracks that ought to sustain listeners until summer 2022. His upcoming project, Night Call, is an 11-track LP that’s indulgent in the best way. As Alexander recounts for NME: “I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls. I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.” A way of reclaiming some form of control, he adds, “In the past, I felt like I’ve been dominated by toxic relationships, and I felt like it would be fun to turn it on its head.”

Stream "Night Call" by Years & Years beginning January 21.

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