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Pinoy’s Andong Agimat vs. Marvel’s Crusher Creel | go! | Globe

Pinoy's Andong Agimat vs. Marvel's Crusher Creel

Who will win this battle?


Photo via Arnold Arre

A former criminal with a dark past, Andong Agimat doesn’t shy away from a fight to protect the innocent he encounters on the streets of the Philippine metropolis. In his journey of repentance, he wears a special agimat around his neck that makes him practically invulnerable to physical attack, and a trusty revolver to intimidate and pacify any thug that gives him due cause to take matters into his own hands. In addition, Andong isn’t averse to pulling off a set of dirty tricks to outwit and defeat his foes.


Absorbing Man also known by his real name Carl “Crusher” Creel, this former boxer and criminal is a villain who usually acts upon the whims of others. He can absorb the properties of anything he touches, be it scientific or magical. He likes carrying a heavy ball and chain around from his prison days as a weapon, but he isn’t averse to improvising one on the spot if need be. He’s gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Thor, Spider-Man and the Avengers.


Since it's unlikely Andong would leave the streets of the Philippine metropolis unprotected, let's presume that Absorbing Man just somehow finds his way into the country to say, rob the entire nation. In the ensuing chaos of his heist, he faces off against Andong Agimat who will use his revolver to make short work of Absorbing Man's ball and chain right after the ball brushes Andong's unbreakable skin. Unfortunately, as soon as Absorbing Man gets close enough he will latch onto Andong and absorb the invincible properties of the agimat, seemingly leveling the playing field as they're locked in a fight to the death. Fortunately, due to Andong's penchant for dirty tricks, he pulls one out to lure Absorbing Man to the nearest faucet and pour water down his throat until he passes out. Thus ending this matchup with a win for the hero. Read more. 

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