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The Best Dancers To Follow On YouTube | go! | Globe

If you can’t be them, watch them.


We all have our unfulfilled dreams, and we all have passions that we failed to chase. We each have those moments when we watch people with talent, and we whisper words of jealousy and longing. But as much as it sucks that we’ll never be able to sound, look or move like others can, there’s still a strange sense of satisfaction when we watch them do what they do best.


Jayden Rodrigues

For simple – yet still seemingly impossible – moves, head over to Jayden Rodrigues’ YouTube channel. He creates choreography to some of the hottest tracks and most played music, but the best thing is that he teaches them too. So if you’re looking to pick up some moves, join the Rod Squad.



Ranz and Niana

Their numbers prove that Ranz and Niana make up one of the most watched duos on YouTube – and a quick glimpse of their videos will make you understand why. Their brother-sister chemistry is, to put it bluntly, completely adorable. Their personalities shine through the screen and their dance moves will make you want to join in on the fun.



Aidan Prince

Talented children tend to make the rest of us feel a little unaccomplished, but Aidan Prince’s dance videos just make you want to smile. His charm cannot be ignored, and you’ll be clicking through his colorful clips for hours. He has also worked with some of the biggest names in music – anyone heard of Justin Beiber?



Yanis Marshall

People dancing is one thing, but a man dancing in heels is another. Yanis Marshall puts us women to shame with his steaming moves and incredibly toned and envy-inducing legs. Go through his library and you’ll quickly
learn what we’re talking about.



Kyle Hanagami

If you don’t want to watch the same dancer/s over and over again, but are still itching to see someone heat up the dance floor, Kyle Hanagami’s channel is where to head to. His choreography and style is so high on energy and will get anyone wishing they could pull it off.



Whether you love them or hate them, or even love to hate them, there is no denying their talent. And since we can't share it, we'll settle for appreciating it.

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