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3 Books to Read While in Self-Isolation - go!

A much needed break from our collective streaming habit

In the time of quarantine, we’ve all found different ways to cope. Some of us have taken to learning a new skill or two, others are taking it one day at a time and that’s fine, too. But if there’s anything we have in common, it’s that we’ve tuned in more to our screens for information and entertainment.

By now, we’re pretty sure you’ve sifted through most of Netflix’s recommended picks or fallen deep into the blackhole of entertainment that is YouTube. And as much as we love streaming new and old series favorite or watching Mark Wiens eat his way through cities, it can get pretty routinary. So, how about taking a break from all that to read a book or two, you know the one you bought at the start of the year? Or check out digital libraries, like Scribd, which you can get free access to for 30 days, for titles you can read from whatever device. Yeah? Great!

We already have a few titles to start you off:

Nothing Good Can From This: Essays

By Kristi Coulter

Nothing Good Can Come From This is a compilation of essays that account the life of author Kristi Coulter after she stopped drinking and the realizations she’s had in between and through sobriety. But don’t mistake it as dull or depressing; Coulter’s essays are honest, incisive and absolutely hilarious. Fans of Sloane Crosley, David Sedaris and Cheryl Strayed will definitely approve.

JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out!

By Jessica Misener

Yes, JOMO is a thing. If you’ve run out of ideas to help you get through the “new normal,” JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out! offers over 350 fun activities to do at home or over Zoom. Jessica Misener lists down things you can do with family and friends, your SO or even alone while sheltering. Besides, we all need to de-stress and relax, even for a short while.

Transit: A Novel

By Rachel Cusk

A writer and her two sons move to London after their family’s collapse. A portrait of transitions, Transit: A Novel touches on the value of suffering, the moral problems of personal responsibilities and the mystery of change. It’s far from a light read, but one that is quite relatable in how it captures the feeling of wanting to inhabit and escape one’s life.

Looking for more recommendations? There are books to read for difficult times over here or titles to add to your summer reading list.

You’re welcome!

Words Sarah Santiago

Art Alex Lara

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