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Where Else Did We See These Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actors? - go!

Life Before Nine-Nine: Where Else Did We See These Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actors?

Everyone has to start somewhere

When you give naturally funny actors the opportunity to shine and be goofy, magic happens—with help from talented directors, some genius scriptwriters and some passionate crew members, of course. Such was the case for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, nearly everyone’s favorite comedy show.

But very rare is it that an actor comes into Hollywood and just blows it out of the park straight away. There are bit roles for everyone, especially when they’re starting out. And trust us when we say that this cast is no different.

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Andre Braugher

He may now be known as Captain Raymond Holt, the serious and stern leader of Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, but once upon a time he was pushing someone else—of some more superhuman skills—around.

Appearing in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Andre Braugher played General Hager. Who else could tell Mr. Fantastic to track and check the movements of an silver objects entering the Earth’s atmosphere?

Andy Samberg

Much like his character, Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg has been pretty much everywhere, making several cameos in successful romantic comedies. To name a few, he was the homeless man that Nick ran into in Nick and Norah’s Infinate Playlist, Quincy (AKA the man who dumped Mila Kunis) in Friends With Benefits and Gerry Perry in What’s Your Number?

Of course, he also played Jess Abrams in Celeste and Jesse.

Chelsea Peretti

Prior to playing Gina Linetti, Chelsea Peretti actually took part is multiple shows and movies, albeit as a writer rather than an on-screen talent. She helped pen an episode for Parks and Recreation and Saturday Night Live.

As for other television shows, who can forget the episode when Gina Linette crossed over to the New Girl realm?

Joe Lo Truglio

He might not sing a tune in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but you’ve definitely seen Joe Lo Truglio bust out in harmonious song before. As one of the older vocalists in an aging acapella group in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, we can say for sure that his talent ranges far beyond punchlines

Melissa Fumero

As a self-dubbed teacher’s bet in the NYPD realm, Melissa Fumero doesn’t actually have to stray far away from one of her over-the-head characters. Once upon a time, she was a minion of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, eager to please and willing to do anything it takes to make her queen bee happy.

Stephanie Beatriz

Before she was Rosa Diaz, Stephanie Beatriz appeared in a few episodes of another favorite sitcom: Modern Family. Did that ring any bells? She starred as the scorned younger sister of Gloria (Sofia Vergara), Sonia!

Terry Crews

You probably know the iconic scene from White Chicks where Terry Crews lip syncs to Michelle Branch’s A Thousand Miles, but there are so many other movies where he appears. He was Freddy “Fingers” Wilson in Balls of Fury, the boot camp director in Bridesmaids and Nickens in Blended.

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Fortunately for us, some of our favorite funny men and women are still running strong. Thanks to Netflix, seasons 1 to 5 are available for streaming while the current season 6 will be on the site by March 2019.

Catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix with Globe.  

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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