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4 Reasons Why Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind Will Turn You Into a Love Survivor | go! | Globe

4 Reasons Why Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind Will Turn You Into a Love Survivor

Listen to tracks that soothe the soul and heal the heart


If you think Charlie Puth just another pop act that caught fire on YouTube and then later scored a handful of global hits over the last two years, think again. The man knows music.


On a full scholarship, Charlie honed and polished his musical genius by completing a degree in music production and engineering from the Berklee College of Music. Notable alumni from the university are Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, just to name a few (He’s in great company, but if some of the names don’t ring any bells, brush up on your music history, pronto.).



The 24-year old singer/songwriter/producer is legit and he made sure to showcase his talents on his first studio album, Nine Track Mind.  But with hits like “Marvin Gaye” (featuring Meghan Trainor) and “One Call Away”, the album not only proves that his tracks not only soothe the soul but also heal matters of the heart. So, whatever it is your heart is dealing with, just count on Charlie. 


Song: Then There’s You

Why Puth this Track On: The line “There’s beautiful and then there’s you” are stuff that kilig moments are made of.

Break In Case of: Perfect for the guys who want to express their appreciation of their better halves. Whether it’s celebrating your anniversary, putting together a killer video edit of your travels, or even popping the question, consider this the track to supply the moment with much warmth and cheese.


Song: My Gospel

Why Put this Track On: He hits the intro with “I’d stroll into a bank and put a ski mask on and walk out with a million bucks. Then I’d burn it in a pile out on your front lawn, just to prove it didn’t mean that much.” If that’s not crazy-in-love-commitment expressed in poetry, then what is?

Break In Case of: You want to show her or him that what you offer is something special, real, and true.


Song: Left Right Left

Why Puth this Track On: Anybody who has been in love has encountered this lyric at one point or another: “I’m moving on and I got no regrets. So, left, right, left, right left.”

Break In Case of:  For any heartache or heartbreak. While it is a “sawi song”, it wields a positive tune and message that’ll help you dust yourself and try again.


Song: Suffer

Why Puth this Track On: “I’m just a sucker for cold-hearted lovers”. Need we say more?

Break In Case of: If casual moments turn into a series of intimate flashes, this song can best describe that turning point.


Listen to the “Nine Track Mind” album here:

Words Lamar Roque

Image by: Getty Images, IG @charlieputh

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