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Celebrate The Coolest On-Screen Moms

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Sometimes we love them and sometimes we hate them. But if we’re being honest, where would we be now if not for our mothers? You have to admit, if they weren’t part of absolutely everything, nothing would be as fun. Just imagine some of our favorite shows without them—Disney films excluded, of course.


Mean Girls

Mrs. George is a staple for our generation. Because of her moves, her lines and her absolute embodiment of a cool mom, she has quickly become a modern-day icon. Regina George would not have been so flawless if it weren't for her overly supportive and too eager mother.


Get another dose of Mrs. George on Netflix.



Gilmore Girls

They say that when you have a sister, you automatically have a best friend. We say, take a look at Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. There is no other mother-daughter duo that knows how to make others eat their words and retrace their steps so quickly. Sure, she may not be the best example all the time, but she definitely makes up for it in other departments.


Say hello to Lorelai on Netflix.



Maid In Manhattan

A momma bear will do anything for her cubs, even if that means putting her entire life on hold for their security. Marisa Ventura swallowed her pride to provide for her son, Ty. She bit her lip and did what she had to do to give him the best possible life.


Be awed by Marisa on HOOQ.



Easy A

Here’s the thing, we may think our mothers are clueless, but they aren’t. Rosemary Penderghast seemed completely kooky, but she was so on with the life lessons and advice. The best part about it was that she didn’t sound like she was giving a lecture, she just shared her A+ experiences.


Laugh at life with Rosemary on HOOQ.

That 70's Show

It may have been set in the 70s, but Kitty Foreman’s words of wisdom still hold true today. She always tried her best to be fair and always told everyone how it is. And while we can’t say from personal experience, we’re willing to bet she made some of the best pies ever.


Get nostalgic with Kitty on Netflix.



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