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The Creepy Yet Amazing Disguises of Count Olaf | go! | Globe

The Creepy Yet Amazing Disguises of Count Olaf

We’re already taking notes for Halloween!



Netflix has definitely outdone itself with their moody-comedic rendition of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. What’s even better? They cast the perfect guy to play the sinister Count—Neil Patrick Harris. If you thought NPH’s transformation as Olaf was pretty mind-blowing (see below), you ain’t seen nothing yet.



We list down some of Count Olaf’s delightfully dark and masterful disguises that will knock your socks off.


Captain Sham


You gotta admit, Count Olaf as shabby sea Captain Sham is almost convincing. But the scowl on his face gives it away!


Detective Dupin


You’d think the gold-trimmed shades oughtta do it, but that unibrow.




The sinister Count as a bald, bearded guy? Hilarious!




Olaf as Shirley in pin-up curls and everything PINK. We still don’t know how we feel about this but we can’t help but notice: the Count’s got legs for days!


Egyptian King


Again, those brows are a dead giveaway.


Good thing the Baudelaires can see right through his somewhat witty disguises!



Catch evil Count Olaf and his dastardly deeds only on Netflix.

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