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Dead Kids Makes Netflix History - go!

Dead Kids Makes Netflix History

Where have you been if you haven’t heard of Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids?

Two years ago, Mikhail Red made history with Globe Studios as Birdshot became the first Philippine film to be included in the Netflix streaming library. Now that we’re at the tail end of 2019, Red and Globe Studios are making history once again with Dead Kids, an upcoming film set for public release this year. 

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As the only film that can claim being the first Philippine Netflix Original, the highly acclaimed director is making right on his promise of bringing Philippine cinema to the global scene. 

“It has always been my dream as a filmmaker to reach a global audience!” Red said in a Facebook post. “Thank you [to] Globe Studios for helping us pioneer this new distribution model. Hope this opens doors for more Filipino productions.”

Watch the Dead Kids trailer below.

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Dead Kids follows the story of teenagers who plot together to kidnap one of their classmates. The victim is their school’s golden boy: rich, athletic and beloved. However, due to the fact that they are far from professionals, things go awry as the group carries out the deed. But the film, described as a crime-thriller and coming-of-age that tackles friendship, isn’t just about spectacular shots and a killer plot twist; it’s about justice and how the youth interprets this and puts their understanding in their own hands. 

Starring Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Markus Paterson, Vance Larena, Kelvin Miranda, Gabby Padilla and Jan Silverio, Dead Kids is based on true events—and whether or not that’s frightening is completely up to you.

Red has made an international name for himself by tackling relatively controversial topics and presenting them in strong and attention-grabbing methods; the same can only be expected of his next film. What kind of controversy it might unearth and what conversations it will begin cannot yet be determined, but Netflix audiences will find out before the year wraps up. 

Dead Kids premieres on Netflix on December 1. See the first Philippine Netflix Original by subscribing to Netflix with Globe Postpaid. Click through to learn more.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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