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Here Are Some Of The Quirkiest And Weirdest Videos You Can Find Online | go! | Globe

Welcome To The Deep End Of YouTube: Here Are Some Of The Quirkiest And Weirdest Videos You Can Find Online

It’s an endless source of strange



Ah, YouTube. It’s the wonderful free-for-all video platform that internet users can indulge in all day everyday if they want to.

Its press page reveals that, to date, some 1.3 billion people are using YouTube. Every minute, 300 hours of videos are uploaded and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. There are videos on food, fashion, music, politics and even random combinations of even seemingly unrelated topics.


While these billions upon billions of videos can be organized by general categories like Auto & Vehicles, Beauty & Fashion, Comedy, Education, Entertainment and Family Entertainment, for example, there’s no official group for another highly searched category on YouTube: Weird. And it’s a true shame since there are a lot of weird videos on the site: from those that will make you cringe, wince or want to cry to those that will make you space out and wonder how on earth the mind of this video creator is wired.


Whether fail videos, cringe videos or drunk videos, uploaders can go ahead and let their freak flag fly (so long as they aren’t harming anyone or anything, of course). To celebrate the said weirdness, we’re rounding up some of the weirdest and quirkiest videos we found on the site. Welcome to the deep end of YouTube, dear reader, and enjoy streaming!


You on Kazoo!


This very peculiar theatre performance.


The tragic death of this snake.


Here, a compilation of children getting stuck in things.


Then there’s this classic.


Meet Loca, the pug that doesn’t know how to run.


David Lewandowski’s work.


All the action-packed scenes from “Uganda’s first action movie.”


“Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god! Shoes.”


This disturbing plot twist.


The cat’s (deep) meow.


Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance.


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