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Newsies: What It Is & Why It’s Still Relevant Today

You don’t need to be selling papes to get all the feels



If you were a child of the 90s, you must’ve seen or at least heard of Disney’s Newsies and more likely, its musical adaptation in 2011 and later in 2012. The storty is loosely based on New York City’s Newsboys Strike of 1899. Years after the movie came out and a Broadway stage adaptation later, Newsies developed a cult following among generations young and old. To this day, the story and its message continue to resonate with audiences. Here’s why.



The story.

The year was 1899 in Manhattan, New York. Jack Kelly is a teenage newsie a.k.a paperboy who aspires for a life beyond selling newspapers. But his dream is put on hold when he and his fellow newsies learn that big-name publishers Hearst and Pultizer are about to raise the paper’s distribution prices. Jack along with his friends must now rally together to fight for something bigger than them­ and fight for what’s right.



The message.

While selling “papes” on the streets may have been a thing of the past, the message of Newsies still rings loud and clear: good always wins. Plus, songs featuring lyrics like, “The things we do today will be tomorrow's news,” and “Nothing can break us, no one can make us give our rights away,” will surely strike a chord across all generations, regardless of what you're fighting for.


"If we don't sell papes, then nobody sells papes"


The music.

Newsies features upbeat and lively music paired with powerful lyrics that make for an unforgettable soundtrack. Classics like The World Will Know, Seize The Day and King of New York, will surely have you and your loved ones singing and dancing!



The dancing.

The unique and impressive choreography will leave you breathless and in awe. Whether you’re planning to watch the movie again or see the local adaptation of the musical (out this July 2017!), keep an eye out for energetic numbers like in Seize The Day, incredible tap routines and fancy footwork that might just inspire you to sign up for dance classes this summer.




Globe Live and 9Works Theatrical''s local production of Newsies is happening this July. Tune in here for the latest news and updates.

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